My First New Sketch (John Constantine)

So, I’ve been a bit busy lately. I haven’t really had time to get creative, although I have had a few minutes to spend in the community with all of you, which are some of the high points of my day. Anyway, this was a quick ballpoint drawing of John Constantine I did on some scrap paper as… let’s call it an apology. Hope you all enjoy!



Nice job @Batwing52! It has a dark simplicity that sets a perfect scene for John Constantine. I really like the scratchy rain and the horizontal line work beneath him creates a lot of movement. Thank you for sharing with the Community!


Bloody Awesome


That’s dope! Great work @Batwing52

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Ah, it makes me so happy to see your art again! I love his expression. Is he all “Bullocks” to be caught in the rain, or is this from a particular scene?

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Thanks everyone!

@CynicalPink, I just drew him as having a Bad Rain Day. You know? Like, you had the day off from work, and you were gonna go to the park, and maybe grab a sandwich, and then it rained and you can’t do any of that. Definitely not projecting. Not at all.

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Hahaha! It comes across very well :slightly_smiling_face:

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