My Original Character Story (feel free to reply your own character story)

So I’ve made a superhero team but there is one guy that is the leader and i would like to talk about him. But first, i am going to name the superheroes in the team; G-rock, (going to be talking about him) The Programmer, Light Of Hope, Aromatherapy, LunarPower, Ice Slider, Tectonic Man, and Dark Lighting. So G-rock is a young teen that was given 4 necklace medals as a baby, the shape of them are; A guitar, A drum set, A piano/keyboard, and a microphone. These medals gives him power of a spiritual like form of the instrument, so if he taps on say the guitar, then a spiritual guitar will appear and he can use, but the weapons/instruments control sound waves and one direction to make a blast. So thats his power, now his backstory; Gavin Golder is young teen that has powers but doesnt know what to do with them, he doesnt have anyone to get revenge on, well, because his life wasnt traumatic, as other heroes. His life was perfect; for the most part. But his friend Light Rendhouder said to train with them or something. Gavin decicded no. He cant take off the necklaces, the necklaces wont let him die untill time is right, so one day after school he went to get some coffee at a cafe. Then, while he was getting his order ready, a criminal appeared and he had like a silver suit, and on his arms looks like cannons, he shouted ‘this is a robbery/hostage situation stand down arms behind your back or i will shoot!’ So Gavin and the people at the cafe sat down. Then, out of the blue, with no warning, all four of his medals lit up, and then with a bright light flash, his clothes changed into rockstar clothes, ‘Well, this is new I supose. Ok now what do i do now.’ The criminal look at him ‘Ok i dont know where you came from but you are not stopping me’ and then he shoots a loud noise blast out of his arm cannons at Gavin. He suddenly used a blast and cancelled the blast. He knew that his medals gave him power. ‘So lets test it out.’ He mumbled to himself. So he tapped on his drum set. And spiritual drums appeared. So he banged a beat and a huge blast blasted the criminal out of the cafe. ‘woah if that can do that then what if I…’ He tapped his guitar medal and the drum set went away and a guitar came out. He played a tune and hit the criminal. Hurt him bad. Then you can probably guess the rest, he tests out the different powers, and defeats the criminal. Later that day he was on the news. His city called Rock city (totally forgot to add that lol) knew that they had a hero! Gavin needed a name so he combined his name and rock together to get G-rock. Thats his backstory but if im allowed to, i will add the other character stories! Thanks for reading this! I would love to hear other peoples story! If you have one, reply with it!


“bump” my character name is Ben and he has super speed and super strong
and he also can bring characters to life and Ben has one weakness is that if he gets zapped with a writer’s block ray
Ben looses his powers ,

@DarkG can you help me

@darkg they sound cool and i made Chris Quinn but I’m not gonna explain it now bc I’m doing homework but i so have a thread about him if you wanna check it out

@ChrisQuinzel what’s the name of the threat