My vision of a Flash trilogy

The DCEU has a confusing timeline especially for general audiences and i think we can all agree that a flash movie could reboot the DCEU if you know what i mean. I have a feeling that a trilogy would suit best for this. The first movie introduces Barry. He gets his Powers and learns how to controll them etc. The enemy in this movie would be capitan cold. In the Post credit scene of Flash 1 Reverse fash wil be teased. In Flash 2 Reverse flash is the enemy. The speedforce als gets introduced and also time travel. Reverse flash is too strong for flash so he gets Capitan Cold to help him. Through out the movie both develop a friendship. In the endfight Flash and CC fight reverse flash and CC gets killed. That enrages Flash and gives him the courage to beat reverse flash. The death of CC hits him hard since they developed a friendship in the movie. That gives him the courage to run back in time to save his mother so somehting like that never happens. In the end Barty would wake up in a office. He lost his powers and his mum is alive. That is the begining of flashpoint. I dont have a story for Flashpoint though because i dont know if i should follow the comic or make a own story. And thats it. Did you like my Idea? Or do you want to add or change something? Write your opinions downbelow

And sorry if there are typos i wrote this on a phone