Name the Character(s) Best Fit SEASON 2


They are made to torture us.

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Lol. So true

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Refer to the thread description

A brave new week in the DC Universe-- what villainy will try to defeat the over-stuffed super-heroes?

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I think this week will be a break week. Lately we haven’t been having such a good turnout. When the thread resumes next week…I want to see…EVERY…one of you guys coming back bright eyed and bushy tailed…standing tall…mmmand excited to…NAME THE CHARACTER(S) BEST FIT!!!

GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT and his arch nemesis MAJOR BREAK are clearly characters of Flat as a Pancake Earth…


GRAND ADMIRAL ANNOUNCEMENT and LIEUTENANT COMMANDER BREAK are best friends that hail from earth- NML which is shaped like a tesseract.


Lol…you guys crack me up


Are you, Thanagarian?


Good one​:expressionless:

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Week 7; episode 31: The World of Really Smart and Normal Beings

Mr Nobody came in to an encounter with Bizarro. He thought to himself, “huh…wouldn’t it be great to have all petty good guys be as brainless as this beast?” After coming up with this brilliant idea, he creates a “narrative,” where a world is filled with Bizarro heroes. But wait there’s more…he than thought, “why stop there;” turning everyone in the world to bizarros. Choose one hero to defeat Mr. Nobody and than turn the world back to normal. Please explain.
[Remember the hero you choose isn’t immune to Mr Nobody’s power. He or she also turned into a Bizarro. Incorporate that process into your solution]


Me does not pick Thom Rellik?

Normal Thom Rellik was not great villain that always loses. After he would be normal Thom never lose so normal Thom never win! Thom Rellik did not have great powers and skill now so he is weak and helpless now. Rellik not come and hug Mrs. Somebody and win after so he would lose when normal! Mrs. Somebody was expecting terrible villain like Thom to go and start him so him won hug!

[Translation because I didn’t understand what I wrote so I don’t expect you to. Also, my brain hurts from writing that. How do people write whole scripts like that!?]


I choose Killer Moth!

Bizarro Killer Moth is a great hero that always wins. Before he was a bizarro Moth always lost so as a bizarro Moth would always win! Killer Moth doesn’t have any powers or skills normally so he would be very powerful and smart as a bizarro. Killer would go and fight Mr. Nobody and would normally lose any fight so in this back-wards world he would win this fight he is completely outmatched in! Mr. Nobody would not be expecting some nobody like Killer Moth to come and fight him so Moth would finish him and win!

-AMan-OwlwithEWS (Every Women’s Sky)


Operation: Deus Ex Bizarro

Cyborg!!! Being half machine, his Bizarro side am still filled with logic-- even if its a bit skewed-- but skewed logic am able to let Bizarro Victor SEE Mr Nobody for reals-- and use a mix of sonic cannon and strobing electrical pulses to disable the Dada of unreality, thus reversing his bizarro effect.


DId Mister Nobody get @BatJamags, @HubCityQuestion, @TornadoSoup and @YoYoFroYo?


I’m still watching Doom Patrol with Biff’s watchalong, so I don’t know how Mister Nobody works well enough to build a plan against him.

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Sorry, I’ve been quite busy lately.


No problem. Are you about to answer, because I’m about to announce the winner

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Today’s winner is…@TheBatmanofNML!!!

I was worried that you weren’t going to translate, rending your solution completely useless, lol.

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Week 7 scoreboard:

Week 7; episode 32: Evil Son

Reverse Flash was sick an tired of the justice league foiling all the villains’ plans all time. He came up with a plan. He went back in time to when Kal El’s ship landed in Smallville. He quickly ran and swooped little baby Kal before the Kent’s got to him. With baby Kal in the villains’ possession, they raised him to be evil. Using two heroes, without altering Kal’s time line, create a balance once again. (I’m being vague on purpose). Please explain.