Neil Gaiman's the Sandman is Available on Audible!

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…Dang it, I’m gonna have to subscribe to Audible, aren’t I?


@Jay_Kay It’s also being released on CD, which I’m definitely getting as well.

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Were on CD? Is it on the Itunes store? Or digital store? How does Audible work?

Anyone tried it yet? How was it?

Not sure on the exact date for the cd release, other than that at some point they will (Gaiman confirmed this and its available on Amazon for pre-order with no exact release date).

Audible is an app for audio books- I have the Sandman series downloaded, but am waiting for my fiancé to get home before listening.

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Looks like the end of September for the CD release.

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So is the whole thing available now, or is it released in installments?

I guess what I’m really asking is if one was able to activate a trial Audible membership, would I be able to listen to it with no problems?

@Jay_Kay Its all available now. This first release, anyways. It’s 1 download, 11 hours long that covers the first 3 volumes of a story thats 10 volumes long (not including the stuff he did after the maon series, like Overture or Endless Nights).

Just got done listening to the first chapter of this and it was fantastic.

I’m brand new to Sandman - have never ready any of the books nor know anything about the characters and still I loved it. The audio design is exceptional and listening to this transports you to another time and place, especially if you’re headphones as I was.

If you’re even slightly curious about this I strongly recommend you get it if you have the means to do so.

  1. You’ll love it
  2. You’ll be supporting the artists that made it.
  3. You’ll be encouraging DC and Audible to do more projects like this.

I need to hear this. Right now!