New Channel Focused on DC origins! Etrigan, Damian Wayne, John Stewart, & More!

Hey Everyone,

I have just recently made a new video page named Comic Origins. I quickly tell origin stories for DC Comic Characters.

I love DC and I also love video editing. My goal is to tell origin stories for very underrated, strange, or unknown characters.

So far these are the characters that i have done videos for:
Doctor Fate, Brother night, Chemo, Tallyman, Superboy, Cheshire, Man-Bat, Emerald Empress, Killer Frost,
Detective Chimp, Damian Wayne, Etrigan the Demon, John Stewart. (& I have many many more characters to do!)

Please check out my videos and subscribe if you like them! I am always open to recommendations!




Thank You!


The youtube channel is really good. I like the editing and that the narration isnt crazy fast like a lot of other comic channels.


Thanks so much for the support @MajorZuma I’m glad you enjoy the vids!


Nice channel, just subscribed. Great job on the videos.


Fantastic channel, @zach6! You do a wonderful job diving into and summarizing these complex works, I’m a fan already. :slight_smile:

Since these are your videos, however, I will be moving this thread to fan creations in just a second. It’s a lovely part of the forum for creators to post their projects.

We also look forward to hearing your thoughts on all of the DC discussion and debate we have here on the forums!

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