New (Mostly) Collector's Item

In case someone has been waiting for all DC Films to be released in one package, your wait is almost over. I saw this earlier today:

It contains all films from Superman to Harley Quinn with the exceptions of (Return of) Swamp Thing, Constantine, Steel, Jonah Hex, and Catwoman. It also does not include alternate versions.

The picture shown may be different than the one received. But, I do wish something of this magnitude would have been highlighted or marketed more.


I’m not sure if this is an official release or a custom set someone made. I can’t find any verified information on it. Anything I do see online is either from eBay or sites that aren’t up anymore.


Further research into this, I’m seeing some pop up on eBay with photos of the back cover. There’s no Warner Bros logo on it. There is no indication of what region it would play. The image on the back is the same as the image on the front, except it has a listing of what movies are on which disc and the company that puts it out is from Tapei, which leads me to believe this is either an overseas bootleg or an overseas release. Either way, neither would been highlighted or marketed here.


Well… that’s unfortunate. The back cover did look odd with all those logos, but if there was even a small sliver of hope of it being real, I assumed so.