New Movies?

I know we have the Titans show coming on the 12th and I cant wait! But are we getting any new movies this month? Isn’t that part of a rotating library? Not complaining, just seriously curious.

I think they announced what’s being added and it’s Long Halloween, Titans, and one other thing. I can’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t a live action movie, maybe one of the animated ones? Not even sure about that, could’ve just been new comics. But not much new this month, sadly. Waiting on something new that’s worthwhile besides the original content like Titans.

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Bummer. But I am still excited for Titans! This service should be amazing once all of the streaming contracts are up elsewhere. But it is going to be some time before that happens. Im here for the long haul lol.

Missed opportunity to add the old Swamp Thing movies around halloween but I’m sure they’re saving them, the animated show, encyclopedia entry and a bunch of more solo comics as it gets closer to the live action show’s release

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The old swamp thing movie would be amazing. I have not seen that since I was a kid. Great Idea! Especially for Halloween!

If we are talking Swamp Thing I also would love the old USA Network live action series, I loved that when I was younger. Although think all the Swamp Thing movies and TV… the two movies, the animated series and the live action show were made by companies outside of DC who licensed the character… so may be rights issues or the like tying them up. But hope at least some of them can eventually find their way on here. Counting the upcoming series on DCU Swamp Thing is one of the more adapted character that has spanned TV, Movies, cartoons as well as comics but most don’t realize that. Be great if this service could help show that.

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