New Movies

What about the newest release? Love everything DC animation and Titans is above expectations for live action.
I’m just a little underwhelmed with the lack of media that I’ve already watched and looking forward to more new releases. Feels like I’m just waiting for the next episode of Titans and they are releasing it weekly so we have to keep our subscription.

I can’t speak for why Hell to Pay is not up here, considering that’s already like six months old and Death of Superman was on this app at launch despite only being out for two months. Constantine: City of Demons just came out and I know they want to give it a chance to rack up some sales before putting it on any service. What it all comes down to is licensing. Batman: Bad Blood was only up here for a couple of weeks before going to Netflix to fulfill a licensing a agreement. It’s a complicated subject, but it’s not like they’re deliberately withholding this stuff from us.

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