New solicits - Road to NML omnibus and others

I was excited to see that (it looks like) DC is finally putting out No Man’s Land omnibi (my word) but did they do anything recent to collect Cataclysm and Aftershock? It seems like that should be a part of all this. I know the tpb are out there and I have long thought about getting them but I prefer to collect hardcovers when possible.
Speaking of new solicits, there’s a new Super Sons edition that includes Adventures and the Titans crossover. Also a crazy Blackest Night/Brightest Day boxed set like that massive COIE one. I like the story but not enough for that purchase BUT I still want it. I love the idea but with separate books I feel like story won’t flow as well. The miniseries stood separately but I feel like the monthly GL book was pretty interwoven with the BN mini itself. For me, it seems like the BN omnibus is the better purchase but that boxed set is so pretty. So precious. I think I’d rather see NML collected this way.
And since I’m on it, I would love to see omnibi of the crossovers they used to do with annuals and a bookend series. Armageddon 2001 and Eclipso particularly. Bloodlines not so much. And just bring back that model in general, please.

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