[New to DCU] Book Club is returning in January!

Hey, guys! I have some exciting news! And Yes. This club is returning weekly starting with the DCUI launch. As I promised, every reading order will come here first which is why it is so relevant to share this!

We are going to be Reading almost everything in this reading order AND some additional stuff once DCUi Launch. We will kick it off with the Road to Joker War and Early Death Metal. Before looking at some great smaller series. We plan to read almost everything important to Future State and Post-future state so you can learn everything you wanted to know. Here is the reading order:

To give a sense of the week by week reading, look at an example:

Basically, the goal is to spend time “Catching up” on a couple of books while we begin to read comics (mostly) when they join the service. The Goal is 5-7 stories a week with the exception of shorter digital-only stories. Currently with the following series in mind to be read:

Detective Comics
Death Metal + Tie-ins
Far Sector
Wonder Woman
Batman: Gotham Knights
Superman: Man of Tomorrow
Strange Adventures
Wonder Woman
Injustice Year Zero
And maybe more!

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Where do I find the suggested new digitized Comics discussed?

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@Don-El The old format is returning likely during week 9. I want to start accessible!


Hey Im brand new to dc in general should I join? Or should I catch up on more comics Ive read watchmen 12 issues and The first couple rebirth comics and thats it

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@J.Millan Your the target audience!! The goal is to get you all the continuity you need to read comics as they drop onto the service. Make sure to read the primer when they come out for any info that is implied but not stated!


Is this club still active? I am just exploring the club directory.

I have a book club read for next week. It hasn’t had anything this month… Which is my fault, but we are reading JLO starting Monday.


@Nathan.Payson Awesome! I am in. Will you be posting something on Monday? Thank you for getting back to me! It’s all good.

Yes I will be! 5/4!

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20 days away!!