[New to DCU] Book Club Primer CRISIS ON INFINITE CLUBS: Dark Nights: Metal Primer #1

For this week, we will be reading through Dark Nights. This can be a hard to access comic for new readers, but with this knowledge it should be a little easier.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the pre-continuity of this weeks reading
I’m going in order of age:

  1. In Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne gets shot and dies. He later comes to life thanks to a metal and sees dark versions of himself.
  2. In Batman New 52, the incredible Court of Owls run introduced a secret organization. One key element was a tooth that when the user died brought the person who died back to life. This tooth was called electrum and is the New 52’s first encounter with Nth Metal
  3. In Darkseid War, Darkseid becomes a Baby at the end.
  4. If you’ve never read Sandman, it’s fantastic. The basic premise of Sandman you need to know is that there is a world of dreaming which houses everyone’s dreams.
  5. In Detective Comics #950, Nightwing questions Batman about his use of the robins to be creating a very deep web. Thinking he’s preparing for something.
  6. In Batman Rebirth #1, Batman takes Duke Thomas in as a new “robin” but something different.
  7. In All-Star Batman “Cursed Wheel”, Duke Thomas becomes a more fleshed out character wanting to operate in the day.

Fun Fact: All of these comics but Sandman are on DCU. (Before DC Unlimited). While you could read them first, I don’t think its too necessary. I didn’t read Final Crisis or Darkseid War)

-Nathan.Payson (Your Friendly Neighborhood Reporter)

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If I missed something that you want me to include, let me know!

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