[New to DCU] Book Club REBOOT!

About the [New to DCU] Book Club

Welcome to the [New to DCU] Book Club! Every week from Wednesday to Monday, we will read comics that have recently be added to DCU (because they are 1 year old). We will read comics like Tom King’s Batman, Scott Snyder’s Justice League, and many more! By joining this club, you will receive early access to upcoming rebirth reading orders, notifications for Comics Coming, and more. Not only that, you’ll get your own ever changing flair of that weeks book! This week is:

Who Should Join?

If you want to get caught up on [New to DCU] titles, then this is the club for you! There are no qualifications to join because it’s called [New to DCU] For a reason! Just make a small effort to talk about the weekly reading!

When We Meet
Every week [New to DCU] will have a Comics Coming post on Monday’s and the weekly reading post on Wednesday’s. The weekly reading will also have a primer with every detail you might find helpful before you jump in. You can find the weekly reading in the Community Events section. By being a member of the club, you will be notified immediately (for Comics Coming AND the Book Club) to make sure you don’t miss what’s [New to DCU]

If you want to read comics which JUST arrived on DCU this club is for you.

Here is a possible schedule for the first 8 weeks:

Week 1: Justice League: No Justice by Scott Snyder
Week 2: Justice League: The Totality by Scott Snyder
Week 3: Justice League Dark/Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour by James Tynion IV
Week 4: Man of Steel by Brian Bendis
Week 5: Flash War by Josh Williamson
Week 6: Flash: Reckoning of the Forces by Josh Williamson
Week 7: Batman: The Wedding and Batman: Cold Days by Tom King
Week 8: Justice League: Graveyard of Gods by Scott Snyder

So to recap!

  • Early Access to Rebirth Reading Orders (as I make them)
  • A weekly changing flair
  • Three posts a week (Comics Coming (Mon.), New to DCU Primer (Tuesday), Book Club (Wed. to Mon.)
  • And Notifications for all of this

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Where do I find the suggested new digitized Comics discussed?

@Don-El The old format is returning likely during week 9. I want to start accessible!

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Hey Im brand new to dc in general should I join? Or should I catch up on more comics Ive read watchmen 12 issues and The first couple rebirth comics and thats it

@J.Millan Your the target audience!! The goal is to get you all the continuity you need to read comics as they drop onto the service. Make sure to read the primer when they come out for any info that is implied but not stated!


Is this club still active? I am just exploring the club directory.

I have a book club read for next week. It hasn’t had anything this month… Which is my fault, but we are reading JLO starting Monday.


@Nathan.Payson Awesome! I am in. Will you be posting something on Monday? Thank you for getting back to me! It’s all good.

Yes I will be! 5/4!

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