[New to DCU] Comics Coming 1/14

Hey everyone, if you want to know what’s coming out NEXT week out of curiousity or impatience here is what’s new.

1. New to DCU
Phase 2

Adventures of Supersons #6
Batman #62
Curse of the Brimstone #10
Deathstroke #39
Green Arrow #48
Green Lantern #3
Harley Quinn #57
Justice League #15
Martian Manhunter #2
Nightwing #56
Suicide Squad: Black Files #3
Unexpected #8
Young Justice #1


Batman Kings of Fear #6
Dreaming #5

Not coming

United States vs. Murder Inc. #5

2. Newly Digitized

Detective Comics #343-344
Doom Patrol (2001-2003) #17
House of Mystery #196
House of Secrets #127
Superman #19
World’s Finest Comics #200

3. The Big Stuff This Week

Young Justice #1 brings back fan-favorite characters and begins DC’s Wonder Comics Line!
Green Arrow #48 begins the final arc of Green Arrow which has a new creative team. Actually this is one of the most interesting stories of DC Rebirth. Let me rephrase this. The behind the scenes is really interesting. You can read about it here

4. Starting Points
  • Young Justice is a great entrance point for new readers as it introduces readers new and old to a WILD bunch of new and classic characters including Ginny Hex and Teen Lantern!
5. Starting Volumes

Green Arrow isn’t quite a starting volume (it’s weird)

6. Ending Volumes

Adventures of the Super Sons: Action Detectives
Adventures of the Super Sons #1-6
Nightwing: Night Terrors
Nightwing #50-56

7. Nathan Recommends

Adventures of the Super Sons #6
Justice League #15
Martian Manhunter #2
Young Justice #1
Green Arrow #48


Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve missed a couple weeks. I’m back!!!

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