Next Best Superman Novel

I have recently read All-Star Superman and I loved how heartfelt it was. Are there any other amazing, touching Graphic novels like it? I am in desperate need for more


If you liked that one check out Superman For All Seasons. Very nice stand alone coming of age Superman story.


Ok thank you. I started the first issue a while ago but I had to leave for swim practice. I loved the art though. It is written by an amazing comic duo so I bet it won’t disappoint


Birthright probably has the most touching ending of any Superman story, can’t recommend it enough!


Superman: Secret Identity


Thanks for the advice. I just finished reading it, it was a very good year one style story.

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Anytime! I’m 1 for 1. Let’s see if we can make it 2 for 2. May I recommend Superman: For Tomorrow, by Azzarello and Lee? One of my favorites. It’s an available storyline here on DCU.


Alright I will try it out! :ok_hand:

Some others not mentioned that I would recommend:

“Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow,” written by Alan Moore and drawn by Curt Swan, it was written during Crisis on Infinite Earths and was meant to be a sort of swan song to the Silver Age Superman.

I believe it has it’s own page on the Storyline segments and it also includes another classic Superman story by Moore, “For the Man Who Has Everything,” drawn by Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame), that was later adapted for Justice League Unlimited.

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@moro what is your personal #1 favorite Superman Comic?

Aw man…I’m bad at this game. Can I cheat and choose half a dozen?

If I’m being honest, the current Superman book by Bendis and Reis (The Unity Saga) is shaping up to be one of my all time favorites. After it’s done, if they ever collect the whole thing in an omni, I’ll probably buy it. It definitely has its detractors though; many do not like what Bendis is doing at all. Reading it alongside Andreyko’s Supergirl makes it an even more fun read, imo.

As for older books there’s the obvious picks, ones that most Superman fans agree on, some of which have already been mentioned on this thread…and some which haven’t (Death of Superman, Secret Origin, Kingdom Come, Brainiac, etc). I’ll make another pick, an obscure one you won’t find on the usual lists when googling “Best Superman Comics”. Superman: Doomed. It’s a crossover story from the New 52 era (when Superman and Wonder Woman were an item). I had only been 3 years or so into reading comics when this came out, and it left a lasting impression on me. It’s a long read (around 500 pages) but a fun one.

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If curious here’s a reading order for Superman Doomed:

Action Comics Vol. 2 #30

Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Superman Vol. 3 #30

Superman: Doomed #1 (2014)

Action Comics Vol. 2 #31

Superman/Wonder Woman #8

Batman/Superman #11

Superman Vol. 3 #31

Action Comics Vol. 2 #32

Superman/Wonder Woman #9

Action Comics Vol. 2 #33

Superman/Wonder Woman #10

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 (2014)

Action Comics Vol. 2 Annual #3

Action Comics Vol. 2 #34

Superman/Wonder Woman #11

Supergirl Vol. 6 #34

Superman: Doomed #2

Action Comics Vol. 2 #35

Superman/Wonder Woman #12

Supergirl Vol. 6 #35

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Alright I will try it out. I just got done reading the dark knight returns for the first time ever and I loved the climactic Superman and Batman fight

Oh no…he liked DKR…we lost him…sniff… :cry: :cry: :cry:


If anyone is interested in reading the classic “Panic In The Sky” storyline I just checked and all the issues are here.

Action Comics #674

Superman: Man of Steel #9

Superman Vol. 2 #65

Adventures of Superman #488

Action Comics #675

Superman: Man of Steel #10

Superman Vol. 2 #66

Adventures of Superman #489


Good pick @dogwelder9…action filled!


Is it because I liked a Batman story

Not at all…it’s just DKR is one of the stories that is either loved or hated.
It’s complicated…it’s kind of an inside joke at this point in time.

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I’m really starting to get into elseworld comics because the open my mind up to all kinds of possibilities.

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Tons of great Elseworlds stories here…

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