Nightwing Annual (1997-) #2

Nightwing Annual (1997-) #2

What a perfect Valentine’s Day read. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson are an epic love story and incredible couple. DC has some iconic romances and this is one of their top ones. This issue had me feeling happy, sad, mad, hopeful, and so many other emotions. We see their budding romance. Dick can barely keep it together after the safe incident and it’s hilarious. The moment on the couch was tender. The moment Barbara goes to knock on Dick’s door was heartbreaking. The moment Dick goes to Barbara in the hospital after six months of not seeing her was lovely. The night they spend together is everything. Then, it all gets ruined. I felt terrible for Barbara and Dick was just wrong for having done that. They recognize they aren’t ready for each other just yet, but someday they will be. They’re meant for each other <3

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I just love Marc Andreyko’s writing. He was stupendous on the Manhunter series.

I’m more of a starfire/Dick Grayson guy but I can’t say I don’t like him and Barbara together

This issue has me really torn. I absolutely love some stories, but others (and one specifically) do a huge disservice to three characters and makes me want to tear pages. The specific story (post-shooting) shouldn’t exist, in my opinion, given that’s not hinted before or after this issue and even seems to contradict some other depictions following the shooting earlier in this series. It seems completely unnecessary to me -> Dick and Babs were flirty friends back in their Batgirl and Robin days. They had adventures, friendship, and an attraction, but there was also an age difference, different civilian life focuses and living locations, and a fallout between Batman and Robin brewing. Then Dick pretty much left Gotham and Bats to be a more full-time Titan. The idea that Dick and Babs were each others’ ‘what if’ or ‘the one that got away’ would fit with drama some writers had already inserted into their relationship, such as Barbara’s concern that Dick was focused on that past. There was no need to change their history. I liked the idea that both characters got to grow separately (including other, real relationships) before coming back together, when they were at better places in their lives to be together (both had created new hero identities, both led hero teams, both were independent adults, etc.). Sigh. I love Dick/Babs. They’re my favorite couple. I think that one story ultimately did more damage than good to the characters involved and is just fodder for shipping wars.