Nightwing in New52/Rebirth

It almost seems like Nightwing is significantly worse of a skilled fighter New-52 and Rebirth. I heard that some higher up dislikes “legacy characters” and thats why they’re doing this to Grayson. I dont get how someone can be so selfish and ruin a fan favorite like this and everyone think its okay…


I feel like they switched Dick and Jason’s personalities in New 52, which was really weird. And then they dragged the amnesia plot on for so long, making him act like, well, his name. I feel bad for Dick, and I hope they stop soon. He deserves better.


Yes it is true. They have even admitted it. Both Dan Didio and Jim Lee who run the universe dislike Dick Grayson. But as far as disliking all legacy characters I can see it, but also seems a bit of a stretch since they LOVE Damian. It’s completely selfish and wrong for anyone in their positions to push their own opinions and agendas on writers and characters just to downplay them which they’ve done often post flashpoint.
They’ve also said the only reason he’s still alive is because so many do love him. He has a solid fan base. So pretty much they’ll keep him around and torture him and his fans while hyping up Batman and Robin. It’s honestly made me grow to hate them both. The entire batfam and maybe even the universe as a whole feel held back by Batman and Robin imo because as Didio said, Bruce will always be Batman and as a character he doesn’t age, learn or grow which is something a character like Dick is known for. They don’t wanna anyone to surpass “thee” Batman :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: or take over for him so everybody is stuck behind him.


@Nightroia The amnesia plot was horrible. It’s one thing to have the idea for a story line, but Dick wasn’t even Nightwing anymore.


I honestly thought Grayson was really good. I don’t see it mentioned much, but loved the whole Spyral angle. I honestly didn’t know, or should say ,hadn’t heard any of those rumors b4. If so? Agree that nobody should purposely fade out a beloved character, based on personal preference.


I don’t think Damian is particularly liked by the Big Bosses; he was intended to die, but popular demand brought him back, which speaks to the strength of the character. I would like to see him used more with Nightwing, because Dick Grayson is a better father-figure for a child than crazy Bruce Wayne. The Ric Grayson stuff has been terrible, and has dragged on for an eternity already. If DC wants to get rid of the antiquated “Dick”, it’d be better to use his given name “Richard” or shorten it to the less-jarring Rick. If they wanted the character “off the table” for a few years, it would have been better to send him off with “Justice League Odyssey” and done a slow-burn will they won’t they romance rekindle with Starfire–it would have accomplished the same purpose and helped sales.

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THANK YOU! Even that idea is better than this amnesia story OMG! And to make it better getting the romance with Starfire back would be everything!
I’m worried what’s gonna happen to him after Generation Zero with this 5G initiative.