Nightwing Movie News

Holy movie announcement Batman!!! The official Nightwing movie twitter account just posted their first tweet “…” since it’s creation a few years ago. Oh my goodness. It’s happening the movie is back in production. It’s been so quiet for the longest time. The Nightwing movie is following both HBO max and Warner bro’s pictures so I’m not sure it it’ll be an HBO max movie or a theatrical movie. I hope for theatrical as a huge fan but it’s possible it’s heading to hbo max since they tweeted at the same time as their dc announcements and are following them. What do you think? Will the movie be theatrical or direct to streaming service? Also thoughts on movies going to streaming services and no theatrical release?

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I would love to see a Nightwing movie. But! A good script and a good plot is necessary. A detective story. A story were Dick/Nightwing is the only focus, besides the villain. No Batman or any other superhero in the movie. If it helps move the plot or show a characteristic of Dick’s - than a phone call of one/two line(s). Nightwing’s villains. He does not need any of Batman’s. Dick’s athletic and detecting (detective) abilities to be shown. He was trained by Batman to be a detective. The athletic abilities he had. (Well…not the fights styles.) NO ‘mad at Bruce’, please!! It’s old and boring. I could go on and I could list a lot of what I do not want but I will it this here.