No Man's Land adaptation

I had an idea a while back about how I would start a (for lack of a better word) pocket franchise set during one year in the DCAU. Please note: I had this idea back when they were saying Nightwing and Batgirl we’re going to be live action movies, before birds of prey was announced, and before Justice league tanked. It is a very rough idea.

Part 1 Batgirl: It would take place just after the quake hits (during the events Justice league). It would focus on Batgirl as a legacy being passed on. The primary focus being Barbara beginning her career as Oracle while flashing back to her last days as Batgirl. With Batman missing, Huntress takes up the mantle of Batgirl to bring hope to Gotham’s citizens. The movie will begin with an overarching sense of chaos, as we will be introduced to many of Batman’s rogues all the fighting the city into different territories. Also, through Barbara, we are introduced to Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD. It would end with Helena passing the torch to Cassandra Cain, and taking on her old identity.

Part 2 Nightwing: Beginning with Dick in Bludhaven. After the quake hits we learn of the government refusing to aid Gotham, and any form being an act treason. We also find out that Bruce has been trying to change this in Washington. It is from their Nightwing makes his way into Gotham and be a force for good. His antagonists would be various Gotham villains enlisted by Black Mask, who has created a very lucrative organization inside of the dystopian Gotham. We will also have an appearance by Huntress working with GCPD street level taking back the city zone by zone. Lastly we will be introduced to Tim Drake as a new Robin who mysteriously has Bruce’s tech.

Part 3 Robin: lt is revealed that Tim Drake has known Batman’s identity for several years, choosing not to reveal it to anyone. After the quake hits he sees the Bruce is not in Gotham. He chooses to act. Breaking into the batcave as well as Bruce’s computer system. He takes on the Robin mantle and begins his fight operating out of bunkers Bruce has hidden throughout the city. There will be an appearance by Batgirl. I also wanted to throw in the appearances by Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and maybe Two-Face, but the primary antagonist will be Zsasz. The end it will be revealed that Bruce having failed with the government, has made his way back to Gotham and Batman will meet Robin.

Part 4 Batman: Taking place several months later; Gotham City has gotten less chaotic, to the point where the US government will take back the city. However in secret Bane has united the city’s remaining super criminals and madmen as an army to overthrow the vigilantes and the GCPD. In order to remake Gotham as its own sovereign nation under his rule. All the characters will converge as these two sides go to war. The wild card in this will be a reimagined joker (without the face tattoos) who is enlisted by bane, but decides this Gotham’s more fun. The end will see Batman and Joker face off with the citys future at stake.

Again it is just a rough idea, and I would never have any intention of it getting made, but I am curious to know it’s my random thoughts appealing to other people or just me. So let me know what you think.

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