No Swamp Thing no Subscription

Pretty much what it says: from the North Carolina “accounting” issue as well as the distressing shift in regional politics to the upcoming Time Warner/AT&T streaming service to the DC execs scrambling after Justice League. “Creative differences” is a tired excuse but who in their right mind thought that Swamp Thing would make a good procedural series “CSI: Bayou” we don’t need.

No Swamp Thing, no interest. Subscription cancelled. Going to save my money to buy it on blu ray.




As this contains a false report regarding the North Carolina claim that has been redacted across all press outlets, it will be moved to our “Rumors and Random” section.


Sure man

Please be respectful to all members. It is entirely within their right to express their displeasure with the service. If we do not hear the feedback, even in redundant volume, we will not understand the impact of our actions.


@Applejack I love how open DC Universe is to criticism. It’s so much better than when it launched because all of you working there heard people’s concerns and worked to make the service better.


Besides if this poster hangs out here a little longer they may find it worth staying. So, we don’t want to hasten anyone’s departure.

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Creative differences is also slang for over budget.

There is plenty of new original content coming and an archive of video content an 22k+ comics.

If truly Swamp Thing is the only reason you had any interest in this service, than at least it’s clear where you’re loyalties lay. Your decisions are your own, but your cancellation won’t do anything to bring back Swamp Thing (unless you wanna pony up $80 million to produce it, maybe you have that kinda cash laying around.)

Many many others have expressed their displeasure with the show being cancelled but believe in DCU. Your choices are your own. It’s not DC mucking fans about but in the real world the best thing you can do is cut your losses and move on. That’s just as true for DC decision on Swamp Thing, than it is for you and your subscription. We all makes choices and those choices aren’t going to be liked by others. Such is life. If it wasn’t for DCU you would never have 10 great episodes of Swamp Thing. If it means so much to you, I find it surprising that you’d take zero episodes over 10. Without DCU taking the risk in the first place (and probably loosing millions in the process)

In all seriousness, if DCU takes a 10 million dollar bath on Swamp Thing, you still want them to make more episodes just to appease you at the costs of 10s of millions more dollars that they will never see. Do you just set fire to a wad of cash to placate a friend?


Just so you know, Swamp Thing won’t come out on Blue Ray. It’s an original show, so it will only be in DC Universe. If you truly do love Swamp Thing, I would stick around for the first season. It’s shaping up to be a great show so far. And while you have your membership to watch Swamp Thing, you might as well check out the other things it has to offer like 22,000+ comic books, other awesome original content like Doom Patrol, great shows and animated series’ like Young Justice, etc. There’s a lot this app has going for it, but if you’re here for Swamp Thing, that’s great too.


Applejack, I was respectful…I didn’t cuss him out besides damn -

Not sure why you saying it won’t be out on blu Ray. Titans will be out at the end of the month I don’t know why they wouldn’t be releasing their other shows on Blu-ray as well


Oh, I didn’t know about that. I suppose I assumed that it wouldn’t because it’s an original show. If Titans is coming out on Blu Ray though, who am I to say that Swamp Thing won’t? Thanks for the fact checking, always appreciated :slight_smile:

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Stand corrected it comes out July 16

I’ll say it again. We have “only” 10 episodes of a titanically great show. I’m mighty thankful for what we DO have, a show which wouldn’t have existed if not for the DCU.

I still have TITANS, YOUNG JUSTICE and DOOM PATROL to binge on, all the great animated shows (the actual reason I subscribed in the first place), comics I never read or haven’t read in a very long time, (no comics store in town any more (sob)), and a great community.

I can deal with a small amount of disappointment; actually a great amount of disappointment, over ST’s untimely death, but I remain very happy with the bang I’m getting for my buck.