NYCC 2019: What's Coming for DC Universe

I didn’t read all 993 posts that came before me, but I remember saying to someone when DC started this that I was surprised it wasn’t a digital comics only format like Marvel has. I still kinda feel that’s where it’s going to end up. I’m a reader so I’m totally okay with that. I’d really like it if they could continue the original animated content here and not over at HBO exclusively.


@Kon-El this is going to remain a multi-media service. We’ve been told by the moderators as such.

I think the announcement of HBO Max scared some people and their rash assumptions spread. We saw a lot of it this summer. When it was announced that season two of Doom Patrol would simultaneously between DC Universe and HBO Max, some people took that as all live action content being pulled from the service and moving to HBO Max.

It’s gonna work out in the end with great content and information from verified sources.


And that’s what I’m putting my money on. Well said superby1 (So is that Superboy from Earth-1, or Superboy Prime. or the 1st clone of Superman? That’s where my confusion lies. :grin:)

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@Aristarchus94.72134 ironically, it’s meant to be the Conner Kent version. Long story behind that.

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While HBOMAX could keep all the live action films exclusively. In truth it’s probably cheaper to buy them (sometimes in pack form, and save money over the cost of HBOMAX. (If the only HBOMAX content one cares about is DC live action movies.)

And recall that WB said they will not be offering content outside of WB streaming, not specifically HBOMAX only.

Are folks who want DC live action films only going to watch them for a year? I’d think over time, they’d watch them more than that.

Certainly sharing DC live action with DCU would be great. I know I’m not subscribing to HBOMAX for DC live action films. I’d rather buy them through iTunes and get the doco/bonus content rather than paying a similar amount to HBOMAX over the course of a year/year and a half.

Certainly if the made available all the WB owned DC properties in both live action and animated, they could position DCU as a much better value than Marvel Unlimited and thumb their nose a bit at both MU & Disney+.

Time will tell. Either way, I have a plan that works for me.


Please forgive me but I am having a hard time understanding everything here. Are any of the CW any of the DC movies gonna be here on DC Universe. I mean this is a DC streaming service is it not, This is for Dc content. DC and WB would still be making money if you have there content on both DCU and HBO Max platforms. I am a huge fan either way of DC, Marvel, and WB however I can not afford to get Everything to watch all my shows. I know DC has show’s of Netflix as-well and Hulu and Amazon. Right now I am trying to find where to re-watch the movie Shazam but I can’t find it yet, will this movie be coming to the DCU Streaming site or no? Please forgive I am a huge Comic and Movie buff and I do mean to sound hateful or unappreciated here.

Strictly speaking, it is not. Streaming videos are part of the service, but it is not a streaming service in the same sense as something like Hulu. It is a digital comics service (a la Marvel Unlimited) that also includes new live-action and animated content, a backlog of shows and movies, a series of news articles and videos, an online store, and a message board.


Hmm alight then, guess I have thinking to do. In the mean time I am hoping they will include more movies and shows.


All CW shows are currently contracted out to Netflix The newest show Batwoman is not. All the Batwoman episodes are available at the free CW app. For the other CW shows only a few recent episodes are available there.

All DC live action.films for the last forty. years will be exclusive to HBO MAX

Whether any of these films will be shared.with.DC Universe is unknown as this time. If shared at all it is likely that only one or two of these films will be available here for a limited period of time and then rotated out.

HBO Max will cost twice as much as DC Universe per month. Exclusively is important to that brand. It makes no sense for them to have the full catalog of DC films on a site that costs half as much per month.


@imnotbrucewayne I think the content issue is two fold.

First, AT&T/WB wants to maximize revenue. They see that sweet, sweet streaming money and want it directly rather than contributing to other streaming services. Why share, when they can have it all? AT&T also wants exclusive content to differentiate their cellular service and drive usage of said service. Finally, they are hedging their bets as cable cord cutting continues to grow and offer HBOMax as a stand-alone service to compliment HBO premium cable.

Second, DC Comics publishing is a division that is a rounding error for AT&T/ WB. More money is provided by licensing toys, pajamas, and sheets before they add in the movies. Comics is a niche product which today is most valued as an IP test bed/generator. Prior to the success of the MCU, comics were seen as the red headed stepchild which embarrassed the “serious” filmmakers. Now they can’t deny the power of the stories we have all loved for years. Why waste great IP on a niche service when it can be leveraged to millions of subscribers at a much higher price.

We all would love for DCU to be a one stop shop, but AT&T/WB now knows that they have a gold mine with DC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, Mad Max, Jason, Freddy, Clint Eastwood, and more. They are going to use those assets to make HBOMax a compelling service just a Disney+ has Star Wars, Pixar, and MCU, and CBS Paramount has Star Trek. I hope they will either offer a combo subscription like Disney+, ESPN, and Hulu, or share the content on delayed basis of HBOMax first followed by DCU on a rotating basis. Just my two cents.



A great analysis

We all want Dc Universe to have everything DC.

But only if HBO Max offers compelling products exclusively can it gain millions of subscribers at a price double that of DC Universe which is after all a niche service with a limited membership of dedicated fans that can’t support such projrcts as Green Lantern or Sandman.

As my Irish mother often said to me

You may wish it and want it but it’s not to be


The quick answer is WB doesn’t own the rights for every DC movie or TV show ever made. So this will never be a one stop shop for everything DC.

As WB has said that once HBOMAX goes live WB will not send out content to non-WB services. As I posted above, if the ONLY reason someone wants HBOMAX content is for DC movies, it’d be cheaper to buy them than subscribe to HBOMAX.

As others pointed out, it is certainly with the realm of possibility that DC films could be shared with DCU especially on a rotating basis.

Only once CW contracts are up with Netflix will they be folded in to WB streaming.

It would be great if WB shared all the DC assists with DCU and HBOMAX. Making all WB DC properties available on DCU would be a big “two fingered salute” to Disney+ and MU. It would garner huge fan support.

I just don’t see why, if all someone cares about is DC, they would subscribe to HBOMAX. Once all the CW content gets moved from Netflix, that May be a different story.

The crystal ball is foggy until May HBOMAX launch.

This will never be the place for all things DC. Cartoon Network owns the rights to TTG, Disney, via Fox owns Batman ‘66, so that’s never coming here. Michal Uslan owns the rights to Batman films (Swamp Thing too, if memory serves) so it would be up to WB to work out an exclusivity contract with him on those. Same with Suskind for the Christopher Reeves Superman movies.


We should have a cut-and-paste response about licensing agreements at this point lol

I do understand where some of the confusion comes from. People assume this is just a streaming service and believe it’s supposed to have everything, not knowing about the licensing issues. But on the flip side, like I always tell people, I don’t remember it every being advertised that EVERYTHING would be on here. I think people. Hey, I’m hoping some day we get the movies and CW shows on here, too, but what can you do about legal matters created before the inception of DC Universe?

The good thing is, we still get the original shows and most of them got additional seasons. People enjoy the show and are passionate about them. I love that we get older shows and they’re complete. That alone is worth the price of admission, but we also get thousands upon thousands of comics, these message boards, the online store and so on.

I guess it comes down to expectations vs research.


Technically Constantine is part of the Arrowverse so yes, there are CW shows on here. Other than that, you’ll have to go to netflix.


It also depends on how AT&T/WB is structured. Cartoon Network was/is owned by Turner which is owned by WB. Does CN have the authority to grant streaming rights to non-WB services or will WB have tight control over them? Can WB work out a deal similar to Disney and Turner for streaming Star Wars for Batman 66? Or could WB do some kind of Oswald the Rabbit trade for Batman 66?

Who knows. It will be in constant flux as the media giants battle out the Streaming Wars. Just think, we can tell our grandchildren we survived the Great Streaming Wars of the 2020s. :grinning:

Wikipedia excerpt on the Disney Universal deal to get Walt Disney’s 1st creation, Oswald the Rabbit, back to Disney.

Disney acquires Oswald: The Al Michaels trade[edit]

Al Michaelsacknowledged that his contract negotiations had effectively tradedhim for Oswald, and spoke favorably of the deal.[19]

In February 2006, Disney CEO Bob Iger initiated a trade with NBC Universal in which a number of minor assets, including the rights to Oswald, were acquired by The Walt Disney Company in exchange for sending sportscaster Al Michaels from Disney’s ABC and ESPN to NBC Sports.[4] At the time, ABC had lost its contract for NFL broadcast rights, and despite recently signing a long-term contract with ESPN, Michaels was interested in rejoining broadcast partner John Madden at NBC for the Sunday night package. Universal transferred the trademark of the character to Disney, and in exchange, Disney released Michaels from his employment contract, allowing him to sign with NBC.

The deal included the rights to the character and the original 26 short films made and produced by Walt Disney. The rights to the Winkler and Lantz/Universal-produced Oswald films were retained by Universal and other products related to the character were not included in the deal. Iger had been interested in the property because of an internal design document for a video game, which would ultimately become Epic Mickey .[20]


This almost sounds like a hostage exchange. :laughing:
I guess they didn’t get the memo on Not dealing with terrorists. :rofl:
“The Great Streaming Wars of the 2020s,” indeed.
Good share @TravisMorgan


I was talking to someone about this yesterday, this is such a flashback to the ISP wars of the late ‘90s thru the ‘00s. Eventually the heavy hitters will emerge and dominate. Using resources to buy up niche services. My hope is that Disney thinks they are to big to fail and misses opportunities others can exploited. I do have the gut feeling that eventually, as contracts for owned original content expire, Netflix could end up being Yahoo, a once major player brushed to the sidelines.


Maybe soon, Netflix will die just like the famous rental place, formally know as Blockbuster, that they destroyed.


As a tech guy I’ve seen it over and over. Netflix killed Blockbuster by offering DVDs by mail with no late fees. Blockbuster couldn’t see the paradigm shift because they had so much money invested in Brick and Mortar locations. When they figured it out it was too late.

Netflix’s investors were mad at the CEO for investing in Streaming so heavily. They didn’t understand that another company could offer Streaming and put them out of the DVD mailing business. They also didn’t realize that Netflix needed their own content because the content providers would figure out Netflix was just a distributor. Netflix real competition is companies like Amazon, Apple, AT&T/WB, and Disney who either have a large content library or have other revenue streams and use content to drive consumers to drive those revenue streams.

The toughest thing for a company to do is eat their young. If you don’t do it someone else will. Look at Tesla and their crazy market cap number that values them as greater than GM and Ford combined. But Tesla has gone all in on electric as a small startup manufacturer to grow into the market share leader for electric vehicles. GM and Ford both have decades of manufacturing experience, but they can’t make a desirable electric vehicle. Will Tesla survive, maybe, if not their technology will be purchased by a major car manufacturer who will. GM and Ford are too big and hidebound to move quickly to electric vehicles which will eventually replace the internal combustion engine.