NYCC 2019: What's Coming for DC Universe

So wait, WB is viewing this as a fan engagement app? Where is the engagement if they aren’t answering any question? “We aren’t at liberty to discuss this right now” isn’t an answer. The app is called DC Universe not portions of the DC Universe. There’s still a lot of DC stuff missing. Then the tough questions aren’t answered “What’s the deal with the Snyder Cut of Justice League?” “The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad?” Does WB actually care to “engage” fans? I know the moderators on here are only allowed to say so much. WB/DC skipped SDCC because they didn’t want to “engage” fans, NYCC presence was small this year too. They are going to Brazil though. Last I checked this app isn’t even available there. So WB will fly to Brazil to go to their comic con but can upload a video or a comment to address fans from their office, car or the park or something? Not a good look!!


I want to go to Brazil.


AT&T Executives talking to DC/Warner Executives (Circa 2019. Colorized)


DCU was at SDCC. A number of panels. There big installation was offsite, but within short walking distance of the convention center. the had a few DCU members only events as well.

DC Universe was never going to be all things DC under one roof. Some DC stuff, like Batman’66 WB/DC doesn’t even own. CWVERSE was never landing here, neither was Watchmen or Pennyworth. krypton was never announced to come here, but it did.

Stargirl is coming to DCU not being moved to CW. It has been confirmed and reconfirmed at this point.

Yes, like any business, you don’t let your entire Multi-year strategy out of the bag at one go.

“We aren’t at liberty to discuss this right now.” Is a valid answer and businesses use it all the time. It might not be an answer you like, but it is a valid answer. There are items still possibly still in negotiation, and/or constrained by NDA at any given time.

“ What’s the deal with the Snyder Cut of Justice League?” “The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad?” that answer hasn’t changed. “There are no plans to release them at this time.” Again, an answer you may not like, but a valid answer nine the less.

So, the “look” hasn’t changed. It is still the same look it had before the HBOMAX announcement. Recall, it wasn’t until SDCC that DC announced Doom Patrol was getting a second season…the announcement cam just a couple of days after WB/HBO announced that DP S2 would streaming simultaneously with DCU.

Do you think if that deal hadn’t gotten made, Doom Patrol would have even gotten picked up for a second season? I’m glad HBOMAX is also getting Doom Patrol, because I’m glad Doom Patrol is getting a second season at all.

As for GL going to HBOMAX, that makes total sense. They have the subscriber base at 75 million (low estimate, the high estimate is 90 million) that can give them the ability to budget that show properly. DCU is still growing but it doesn’t have anywhere near that large a subscriber base.

Did you see all the events around community week? If that is not fan engagement, what is it? You wouldn’t call DC Daily part of fan engagement?

This issue isn’t that DCU isn’t engaging fans or answering questions. The issue seems to be you are ignoring many of the things it does do on the fan engagement front & they are giving answers, you just don’t like the answers they are giving.

please, go ask Apple what is going to be the specs of iPhone 12 or will there be an iPhone 11s? See what kind of answers you get to those questions.


I can reconfirm this reconfirmation.


What’s going on with HBO MAX? The announcement wasn’t clear. DC’s parent company, Warner Bros. seems to be prioritizing HBO MAX and even creating DC content for HBO not DC Universe, with that, what is the future viability of this app?

Highly viable. HBOMAX did announce GL and Strange Adventure series. To do GL right, it going to take a bigger budget than DCU shows use. HBO has 75+ million subscribers, their shows can have bigger budgets because they have a large subscriber base, much larger than DCU. HBO was already doing a DC series Watchmen, Epix is doing Pennyworth, ScyFy did Krypton. So other platforms developing DC content is nothing new.

It is worth noting that Doom Patrol didn’t get a second season until HBO picked it up in the condition that they broadcast it simultaneously with DCU. Follow the money and the subscriber base size.

DCU is fine, and not going anywhere. The reality is it’s pretty much business as usual around here. HQ animated series, Stargirl, Bizarro TV and Doom Patrol S2, and the 3 DC Animated films will all be on DCU.

(Who knows and this is pure speculation on my part, but it’s not inconceivable that DCU might get something like Watchmen or GL, for a couple of months, after their initial season is run. Kinda like we did with Krypton. Sometimes partnerships with others can bring extra value. Not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s at least possible.)


Every time I see this thread I’m like



Your sub will be almost over by the time max comes out, maybe chill out and see what happens lol


As I recall (and I just rewatched the promo trailer), pre-launch they promised us:

  • A curated list of comics - this has been wildly exceeded
  • Titans - check
  • Swamp Thing - check, although not as much as I would like
  • Harley Quinn - check as of this month
  • Doom Patrol - check
  • Stargirl - the only missing piece
  • Community - check
  • Shopping - check, I guess, although I spend far less time there than the bosses would probably like :wink:
  • Selected catalog movies and shows - check. The time when we got animated movies in conjunction with the physical media release was amazing, and all too brief, but it was a nice surprise when it happened.

So for myself, other than Stargirl I don’t see that I haven’t gotten what I was promised when I signed up. I am hoping that there will be some firm commitments with definite nouns re: SG before the pre-purchase subscriptions run out next month. But in general, I’ve been very happy.


I honestly don’t care what happens as long as i can still use this community is my favorite part of DC universe you guys rock and i consider my fam


Thoughts on HBO Max…

I’m kinda burnt out on the ubiquity of streaming platforms, but the content seems solid. I hope it doesn’t impact DCU in a negative way


It will

I’m holding out on an opinion at this time. I think it has the potential to become something really good, or they could really drop the ball.

I read somewhere that they are getting all of HBO’s series. My question is how far back are they going. They used to have a show called “Dream On” back in the 90s. (Not very family friendly, fyi). They released the first 2 seasons on DVD and then stopped. I’d love to see the other seasons after all this time.

I’m also curious if they will add some of the Warner burn on demand movies and tv shows. If I’m not mistaken, Night Court is one of the shows that they do this with and no one is streaming it. I’d love to watch them again, especially with Harry Anderson passing a away in the last couple of years.

Other than the possibility of the Green Lantern Series, it’s probably going to be the back catalog that will make my mind up for the service.

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One thing I have kept in mind is that WB still has their back catalog of movies (caveat film decay), from the original Jazz Singer to Casablanca to the Thin Man films. Plus they have the pre 1984 MGM catalog which gives them The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind and a zillion musicals, etc (and maybe the James Bond films up through Roger Moore). This app has a strong chance to be Old Movie Heaven if they want it to be.

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I just recently subbed to DC Universe. The comics are a nice plus, but I was hoping it would be the go to place for old and new DC content. I guess I just didn’t look deep enough into it. That being said, I’ll wait for HBO Max and if it provides more in video content, I’ll move over there. With the abundance of streaming services, the ones that offer more are better.

As far as comic book readers, this place is fantastic and hopefully that stays strong. Who knows, maybe the intention will be to have DC Universe be solely the go to place for comics/animation.


I am very excited for HBO MAX. I mean yeah I hope it doesn’t mean a couple years down the line or something DCU is gone (not saying I nessecarily think it will, but can’t fault people for wondering although I wish some would just enjoy what we have now and not freak out over something we have no control of six months away. But not hindering on that the service sounds amazing.

I mean a Green Lantern live action show would be enough for me to say “Shut up and take my money!” but aside from all the great DC Content that will clearly be on there, a lot of the archival movies and shows they confirm sound great, as does that Tokyo Vice show (I have always been interested in Japanese culture beyond just Anime), Looney Tunes shorts, Adult Swim cartoons, Jellystone, the list goes on and on and that is just what we know.

And I read somewhere that Warner has the largest TV and film archive of any studio, even with Disney owning Fox now. So plenty to pull from. I honestly an psyched for HBO MAX.

I am guessing but I assume when they say every HBO series and movies or All HBO content, they mean everything on HBO NOW/GO not every HBO movie and series ever made. But might be wrong.

(Rumor) Stargirl has been pushed back for Spring release DCU cancellation may be coming Doom Patrol already @ HBO Max. No announcement for Jan/February/March show. Has Doom Patrol started filming? Poor Geoff Johns : /

We aren’t at liberty to discuss right now is a non-answer. You might as well say…I dunno. As far as the Snyder cut or Ayer cut goes…there has been no official word on them either way. This nothing remotely close to asking Apple for specs on an iPhone 12. WB very publicly tampered with these films and it’s public knowledge. A simple “No we don’t plan on releasing it” wouldn’t be the answer we want but it would be an answer. They’ve said nothing. People are literally saying, hey we will pay to watch the footage you already have if you just release it.

Lastly the App is called DC Universe, not Some parts of the DC Universe. So if HBO max gets the DC universe shows and other shows from DC that we don’t get on here, what’s gonna happen to this app? I understand there are rights issues but very soon Netflix will no longer have CW rights. We know they are going to HBO max, are they coming here? Smallville coming here? If DC Universe isn’t THE place to go for DC content…what is?