NYCC 2019: What's Coming for DC Universe

:roll_eyes: No argument on the nigh omnipotent abilities of the Man of Tomorrow. Just the fact that people would think Batman is not already prepared for such an event. Batman doesn’t need to pre-pare he’s already ready.

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The show would have gathered an audience after time. It got 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, just like DOOM PATROL.

A full season would at least have provided closure. It’s not at all like ATT couldn’t have afforded the last 3 episodes, after the barely-break-even DCU movies that

You can say that about virtually anything. Eventually it will find a market

There is no excuse for coming $20 mil short on the budget. So throwing another 20 million to complete the other 3 episodes was not going to save the show.

Being able to afford it is irrelevant, they were given that budget and the production company agreed it could create the show with that budget. It turned out they couldn’t. If they had international streaming services clamoring for it, maybe, just maybe I can see throwing another20%. But with zero fish on they hook, that’s a bad fiscal call.

WB did let them know in advance that they weren’t getting a 20% extea increase in budget. That gave them time to at least try to give the show some amount of resolution.

Like I says, it’s easy to throw other people’s money around. It doesn’t matter if ATT/WB could have pulled the money from something else, because yes they could have. However the show runner knew going in, the budget they had and messed up big. That is not WB fault, that falls squarely on the production company.

Let’s say throwing that extra $20 mil would have “made the show”. It would have brought in an extra 100,000 eyeballs (which is I think a generous supposition) that’s still paying an extra $20 per set of eyeballs. If as you say, it would have found an audience eventually, why didn’t HBOMAX pick it up, the same way it did Doom Patrol.

They tried it, every dollar the spent got on to the screen. However, in the end the costs weren’t worth it. HBO did the series Rome which was very highly acclaimed, but, it was stopped because it was just to expensive to produce. The show has highly popular and even given that, it still didn’t make up for its costs. That is why the exited Swamp Thing, it just was a bad value proposition. In order to do the show justice, it just cost to much to produce.

And while it eventually would have found its audience, looking at the number of streaming outlets that picked it up internationally says that found audience likely would not have been large to cover its costs.

And finally, look at the cost vs revenue of the Post Snyderverse films. They have returned as good an ROI (Shazam) or higher (Aquaman & Wonder Woman than any of Snyder’s films… So to say those numbers don’t add up to an ROI bases, simply isn’t true.

Which service is only $4.99? It certainly isn’t DCU

Cool my name & symbol changed. Haven’t been on community in forever. Nonstop comic reading. Take me a bit to figure out this new set-up but I love it.


That’s what I’m paying 5 a month , if you’ve been a member since day one then you get a discount…

Will happily pay what i am now for the comics, hopefully animated stuff and this community and all the great features

TBH, it was always going to be a bit niche unless WB had come out with a Disney plus like service in the first place. Everything DC isnt enough imo to make a mainstream dent even Disney has other major franchises other than Marvel

Having said that i love the service as is and for me, DC is serving my needs with this site. I dont need new tv shows and or movies that aren’t very good (I enjoyed the CW shows for awhile but if thats the show quality im going to pass)


That is the value in this service. I pay for my subscription to read comics.


So, Superman flies straight up into space one day randomly and flies as fast as he can straight down into the heart of Gotham and lands in the city next to Wayne tower where Bruce is working. The force of Superman’s landing is like a nuke just went off in Gotham. How does Batman win that? Without prep time Batman cannot best Superman. With Prep time and the circumstances being absolutely perfect and Superman has to hold back too, Batman has a shot at winning.

CW just released the trailer for the “DCU” show Stargirl. DCU didn’t release it, is it even on here yet? Dare to defy indeed.


That scenario makes the assumption that Superman’s okay with millions of casualties. Which he wouldn’t be.

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What if he just chucked a big ass building at batman who’s just standing there. Or better yet what if he just used his supperspeed to fly to bruce grab him and just throw him into space. Or like buring through his head with heat vision

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This would also most likely lead to (at least) tens of casualties. Maybe hundreds.

At least here he wouldn’t be endangering other people. But why would Superman want to kill Batman anyway?

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He sure wasn’t prepared for that broken back.


He’s being mind controlled, the reasons from injustice, it’s a batman from from the dark muliverse making him evil. Maybe batman has gone rouge. Or superman just goes evil and if that happens he wouldn’t care about casualties

That situation is something Batman can’t do any to stop. Any scenario where Batman wins is very dependent on the fact that Superman is holding back. Superman would destroy Batman. Batman knows this. Even in Frank Miller’s Superman-hating story he knew that the absolute perfect set of circumstances had to be put in place for Batman to “win” the fight.

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Superman has been defeated once again by Batman, albeit off camera this time on Earth 90. But to see the aftermath was very disheartening. He might as well have lost. And Superman would rather sacrifice himself than nuke Gotham. And again the argument was that Batman is already prepared. But to see Kevin Conroy portray Batman after having defeated Superman; very traumatic. I hope they never fight again.

He did that once (not to Batman) on Superman vs. the Elite. Very questionable ethics for Superman.

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Very heart rending to see that. I hope they stay friends (on other Earths anyway) so we never have to see that again.
And then I thought we were going to see Kara and Kate go the same route.

What situation?

I don’t disagree. Just saying that it’s not as easy if he’s in-character.