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Last I checked, only one of those guys did Asterios Polyp.

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Yus, it’s finally La Croix o’clock people!


Yeah, Killing Joke is really ruining it for the whole class. This begs the response to “Why no Killing Joke?” to be “okay allow graphic novels, but only the ones who don’t sell so good.” I would have a hard time repeating that over and over again to members. I feel a little icky about setting a dollar amount to what differentiates how something makes it onto the service; and it’s also hard to predict what will bump a sale of a certain book, if something happens in the greater zeitgeist. We’re still coming down off the high of expanding our library tenfold, but the next battle is never too far off. Better to try for an entire concept of additions than piecemeal out “this, but not that, this but not that”- we’re getting some success doing that with Vertigo titles like Xanadu (“she was in Swamp Thing!”); bit by bit, we aspire to wearing down the walls. It just takes time.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? You can find this magnificent piece of art here!

No sign of it coming to the store, unfortunately :frowning:


There’s gotta be a solution to this. Some variation of “We’re trying to work with retailers by allowing them to hang onto their best sellers, while DCU remains a destination for fans longing for those deep, deep, DEEP cuts.”

Fill your book shelf with the Must Haves, then come to DCU for 85 years of the rest.


Heya! I have a few answers to respond to you with,

  1. I have- and because of this, I know who the characters are :zipper_mouth_face:
  2. It had been a while since I watched The Adventures of Superman (I mean, we’re talking 20 years at least), but I watched Flight of the North after after you recommended it. That really was a good laugh!

I really want to prepare you to be ready for a sad moment to happen in episode 1 of season 2 of Harley Quinn. No spoilers, but your mix of predictions is both on and off.



I’ll have to dig into the details on these for you as those are not part of the day-to-day conversation. It’s possible that I may not be able to share those details with you, be warned! But let’s see how far we get. Noted :slight_smile:


Hahaha yeah! Just two questions ago you were saying “I sure hope we see more of the Penguin!” and I was like “uuuuh… :sweat:

As for Batman Telltale, no contest- The Enemy Within! They’re all solid games, but that one is exceptional.


Mind if I take this one, AJ? Checkmate is actually currently being reorganized in Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s sequel to EVENT LEVIATHAN, EVENT LEVIATHAN: CHECKMATE, to oppose the Leviathan group which has systematically been destroying spy organizations.

Its members currently include:

The enigmatic Kingsley “The King” Jacobs
Lois Lane
Talia al Ghul
Green Arrow
Manhunter (Kate Spencer)
Mr. Bones (former head of the DEO)
Colonel Steve Trevor
…and, most importantly to yours truly, The Question (Vic Sage).

You can follow the new Checkmate’s misadventures in the already released LEVIATHAN DAWN, SUPERMAN: VILLAINS, and the upcoming EVENT LEVIATHAN: CHECKMATE.


Is Amanda Waller a leader for checkmate or is that just on Smallville?


She used to be! But she was ousted from it during the course of the CHECKMATE series by Greg Rucka in the mid-'00s. Since then, Maxwell Lord had taken charge, only to lose control himself in 2016/17’s JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD.


Sorry if I’m stepping on your toes at all here, AJ. I thought it might help if I addressed the Deep Comics Lore.


Awww, who could say no to Catbug? Let me break this down and get at it bit by bit.

This is one we’re actively working on, in regards to dates of publication being much more precise. I think I know the answer, but in terms of the request for honing in based on writer, artist, and character filters, what are the challenges around using the search/sort filters in our Comics Browse area?

Screenshot2 Screenshot

The eras do leave a lot to be desired, but I always do my best work when I have multiple eloquent member experiences to share :wink:

If I’m envisioning this correctly, would that be something like (take Huntress, for example):

-Second Appearance
3rd Appearance

so on and so forth, in chronological order, until it gets to her devoted storylines, includes all annuals in the order they were published, etc.? For Annuals, if they are set, storyline-wise BEFORE an event, but were published AFTER the event (aka, a prequel), would you want that to be chronological or appearance order?

Something that I think is worthwhile is our ongoing effort to improve a user’s ability to create their own lists easily with search/sort functionality. I think by powering these efforts, and maybe by creating some community efforts like a Wiki for appearance lists of characters, we might be able to work together to achieve something more quickly than we might waiting for the perfect pasta sauce of metadata.

Can you tell I’m going stream of conscious? :laughing:

I agree, we need a robust notifications center a la what we have on the forums; and any comic series we’re following/reading at that time. Something I’m continuing to champion for. I’m championing for a lot LIKE the above as well, but the questions I asked were meant to hone in on where our current resources are lacking, to better articulate for the folks who use the features the most!


I hope so! Keep your eye on Watchtower and all your usual channels for announcements :slight_smile:


Heya! I haven’t heard word yet on when that’s hitting home entertainment. I wonder if they’re waiting for season 2 to release the whole kitten caboodle?

As for bonus features, well, we do have a few here on DC Universe that we pride ourselves in; although I completely understand that purchasing physical versions, that’s kind of the whole point :confused: But in case you missed the ones we have, you might like:

Swamp Thing Absolute Binge Watch Edition

Mad For Swamp Thing

Titans Absolute Binge Watch Edition

Young Justice Enhanced


Man, I’d LOVE a Binge Watch Edition for Harley Quinn. Or YJ, even.


So right now the comics browser is fine if you want the big picture. But what I was thinking is instead of showing series, the results would be single issues in appearance or publication order. I was thinking you could open up any issue, and the writer’s name is clickable, so you click on it, and it loads every issue on DCU where they were a writer and so you can read issue after issue. Or if it’s an issue with the Huntress, or any character, and you click on their names in another area that lists what characters appear in this issue, you get a complete infinite list of issues from the first to the last. It would be preferable in publication order to make things easier.

I agree, things like wikis and public lists would be a great tool too, I was actually thinking about the library as a kind of a Wikipedia itself, like imagine you’re reading a Wikipedia article on a movie and it has a list of actors. Then you click on an actor’s name and it takes you to their Wikipedia page with a list of all the movies they’ve been in. Kinda like that? :woman_shrugging:


Appreciate the follow up- I’m sorry to say that when it comes to reporting technical issues, you’ll have to go to the experts- that’s our Customer Support team at This is especially imperative for your black screen issue.

As for the haptic feedback/vibration on your phone, which I can speak to from a fellow Android user angle (if I remember correctly, you use Android) , I think we talked about this before and you turned off your “Touch Feedback” setting, but are still experiencing it, is that right?

I’m worried it’s something with your phone, rather than our app, despite the fact our app is the only one expressing this issue.


I’m afraid only our esteemed chosen had the power to assign a Lazarus Pit. To pull from our Meta Madhouse articles, these are the four people with the burden of selecting that which might incite some rage:

“The guest talent includes writer Brian Michael Bendis (SUPERMAN) representing the Masterminds, artist Phil Jimenez (WONDER WOMAN) the Beasts, and actors Echo Kellum (ARROW, DC DAILY) and Phil Morris (DOOM PATROL, SUPERMAN: RED SON) the Maniacs and Invaders, respectively.”


Sure, I’ll put that on the docket :slight_smile: