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Mr. Knox, we have enough problems in this city without worrying about ghosts or goblins.


For tonight’s topical and tender tune, I think I’ll go with :blush:

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Your honor great suit!
No comment.LOL!:laughing:


The interesting thing is, it actually isn’t. Apparently it’s the Red Square, or museums in the Kremlin from around the time Tarantino was presenting “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in Moscow.


Do you know if Doom Patrol season 2 is going to be delayed because of Covid-19?


Lanterns are all about the power. The Psychology of Supervillains Club just started our Sinestro month. :smiling_imp:


Please do. I’m curious to know what you think. If you have “resources” to find it, that’s great. If somehow, it does prove elusive, please let me know.

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I have never understood the fascination with Girl Scout cookies. I never buy them unless the can show me proof of their 901C3 status, which they never seem to have. Makes me think their kinda sketchy.

Does that make me unamerican?


No, sir, it means more cookies for the rest of us!


Then happy to help.


All is forgiven.

Oooooh! Aaaaaah! That’s so cool!! Okay, okay, my bluff has been called, a strong contender made a Wiki. This is going to take me a minute (you don’t know that it’s going to take a long time, but you will understand why this response took a long time when you read it). I’m going to go find this Wiki so I can get a better sense of the task at hand.

Off-the-cuff thoughts:

  • WOW! 47 edits?!
  • Almost all of them made by you, I can see why you feel like it’s a lot to take on.
  • Here’s the crux of all our greatest comic-book-reading pain, you said it very well:

“It’s important to remember that these characters often weave in and out of multiple ongoing series that are not their own so they may make an appearance in the middle of an arc or a story, and sometimes it might be a good idea to read a few of the preceding issues for context.”

The only way I can make sense of things like this is a visual map. I just don’t see how we can really accomplish this with text lists. This is not something I am suggesting you do; however, when the text is finally settled, there might be a job somewhere for someone to put it to art. I don’t want to scare anyone, but…

I find visualizations incredibly helpful for this sort of challenge. Something like a spider chart.

Again, not suggesting you take this on, but I do find thinking about solutions sometimes manifests the end result quicker than groping in the dark. For example, if it is textually laid out, you could reach out to me and request we put a designer to this task. Imagine what an incredible resource/benefit it would be for DC Universe to house this sort of work.

  • Curious, if you are using ComicBookDB, is the purpose of this to make sure it is preserved since ComicBook DB is defunct? Or maybe you like the formatting here better?

Okay, now I’m reading the comments to get a better sense of the reactions here…

Shout out to @darkstarz25, amiright?! I’m curious, how did that partnership emerge? Was it there before you started this project, or did they find you?

Okay, pre-thinking over. Now to get to your real question.

Ways DCU Can/Should Support You:

  • Creating a sort of “PSA” style thread of a deep dive of what Wikis are, a visual guide of how to find the function, and encouraging people not to be scared to try.

  • Initiating a digital badge to be rewarded to anyone who (accurately) updates a Wiki, potentially encouraging?

  • Making the moderation team of what wikis are active, so that as we wander the streets, if we overhear a relevant conversation, we can chime in with “COOL! Did you know there’s a BoP Wiki?! You should totally go get in on that.”

  • Once there is a justification for it (i.e., more wikis of substance) it could be worth looking into a dedicated section for Wikis a la the Helpful Resources; maybe even a sub-category.

  • In the meantime, I’ve added a few additional tags that might help, including “Essential Reading”, which will populate it into a commonly visited area of our forums for people looking for the good stuff. It’s kind of like a “Best Of” section.

Ways You Can Do Stuff:

  • I ask about your partnership with darkstarz because I find that community in general is a lot of slow, steady growth. An in the way that @BatHuman recently took a stab at this, I find that with frequent nurturing, you’ll attract 1… then 2… then 3… then 4… Oh, wait, 1 left, well, that’s okay… then 5… Oh, 2 got busy, that’s okay too… then 8… Oh 1 is back, cool! When you comment below to let people know it’s been updated, that’s righteous.

  • Even if you had the knowledge, who’s got the time?! Asking you and others like you what other challenges you’re facing in the pure functionality of wikis. Is there something physically or mentally cumbersome about the process that could be made easier with a customization to the user interface or user experience?

  • You might have to start thinking a bit like an ad-person. If you see a Birds of Prey book club starting up, connect with the Club Leader and see if they would be willing to hock your Wiki to the group in their reading bundle. If you see a BoP thread, slyly refer to the Wiki in conversation and cap it off by saying “of course, if I have something wrong, please be sure to update the Wiki by clicking that mysterious wrench!” Kind of thing.

  • Something to keep in mind: Because there’s a lot of folks on mobile, they probably will use the wiki more than they’ll contribute.

Always a good idea to have a smaller project to have fun with, so the larger one doesn’t seem so daunting. You are pioneering an area of the forums that I believe will inspire many others to come. Thank you so much for your work. If you would like to have an ongoing discussion about how we can work together to improve the experience for you and the community at large, as well as endorse some of the “Ways DCU Can Support” above, please feel free to DM me directly.


Wow advertising works. The Mega Quiz is over 200.


They are so good with great flavor like the popular mint cookies, next to Kibler elf cookies they have to be the second best.:grinning::cookie:


I see @MovieAddict gave you a workaround, did that help? Or is “the dream” to have a “go to page 1” (not that, better) button somewhere?

I’m trying to get into the habit of announcing the week’s events in Watchtower, and linking to the Q&A section; the Q&A in this case will be in the Q&A section. There will also be interaction on a Feature Deep Dive installment inside Tech Updates in Watchtower.


Alas, I have learned batches of improvements to community take roughly 2-3 months, this means we’re now completing the second cycle of improvements (hopefully to be seen next week, how exciting!!) Those improvements targeted crucial navigation and appearance improvements, but I think we’re finally getting to a place where we can start scoping out the fun stuff. Based on my experience so far, I fear that this will take a big amount of work/hours. This is because it isn’t a “native” feature in the software; it will require some really nitty gritty development. But, I can at least take the next step towards seeing what it would take.

Edit- just looked at Baby Batgirl… URK… my heart…


Applejack What’s your favorite Kibler elf cookies?:cookie:

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I can’t believe it’s already been an hour. Whee! Might get more tea in a sec.


Would this be the “Earthly Genius” badge? I received this when I added to a Wiki that’s out there regarding DC history reference books.

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Yes @MovieAddict workaround helps. And many thanks to MA for that. :pray:
(I guess I just got spoiled with thing like iTunes movies/tv shows, where if you go back in, it asks you if you want to continue from where it ended or start at the beginning.)


Thank you so much for such a detailed answer, Applejack, so much above and beyond! I’m sorry it took so much of your time. So as not to clutter up tonight’s proceedings, I’ll send you a direct message if you don’t mind with some feedback on the points you raised!