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Tbh, I hope not. Would anyone seriously prefer a show like that over the straight-up superhero stuff like Stargirl? A “Metropolis” show just sounds… boring. I’m glad they came to their senses and decided not to move forward with this (as far as I know).


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I’ve been building my blu ray collection slowly but surely. I try to buy blu rays that have decent bonus features as well as blu rays that would look especially good in that format.


If the great depression lasted 10 years then he could have meant all comics from that era. Even after DC was founded in 1935.


A great song indeed, thank you! Funny, cause I believe I heard a really cool cover recently and now I can’t remember who it was by :thinking:


I think there’s some confusion about 1) What a corporate statement during this times is “supposed” to look like and 2) What my role is in the organization, with regards to my being able to account for the choices of an entire company. DC Universe is a part of Warner Media, and are impacted by the statements and commitments made by that organization to change company-wide business practices. A “statement” from DC Universe, a product of Warner Media, would be disingenuous and empty without the people who are in charge of those decisions’ affirmation.

To this end, there have been huge donations ($10m and counting) made by the company. Additionally, we have an internal 2:1 donation matching program, to which employees of DC Universe and DC Entertainment may contribute. There are many more programs that, ultimately, don’t drop a bucket in what we need to be doing as individuals within our political system. Is there more work to do? ALWAYS.

If you are looking for a social media comment, consider this: We are a corporation. Instead of platitudes, we internally chose to participate not only in Blackout Tuesday, but remain silent all this week - and most likely into a minimized next week - by not pushing forth tone-deaf social media posts amongst a virtual march of important grassroots resources, black voices, and messages of people in passion and pain. Right now the call is for ACTION, not empty words without teeth. With that in mind, I can elaborate on your next question about what some of the discussion that are being had among the team.

We are a diverse and invested group of people that have spent most of our working days discussing, sharing, and coming together to make things better as individuals. We have had multiple town halls, dozens of e-mails to the point where I’ve created a dedicated folder for the subject. We’ve asked questions about every choice we’ve made about content publishing this week (including pre-planned Pride content)*. Non-POC have worked to increase their voice on behalf of those who have fought this fight every day of their lives since they were told they were different, lesser than. Our personal energy is not directed at showing off what we’re doing, but by working internally, where it counts.

By investing this energy into changing things at the heart, in our local and federal policies, positive change can happen for all of us. It can resonate out across every manifestation of where representation hasn’t been seen, from DC Comics to our government. We are targeting the issues at hand, not each other. I have been empowered to continue this exploration and study by the place where I work.

If you do not trust our company is doing what we can to support this cause, it is because “corporate trust” is a misnomer. You’ve done a great job starting a meaningful conversation here in the forums. Now, what I encourage you to do is take this same energy and use it to address your local government, speak at your town halls, work with leaders in the arena to use your voice in the direction that will create change at a large scale. Keep doing that change, even when it is boring, and bureaucratic. You are passionate, and well-spoken, and you have a huge heart. Use it where it counts.

Of the many hours I’ve spent (a pitiful amount less than I should have in my lifetime), here are some of the best resources I’ve come across that I will share with you to get you started:

Systemic Racism Explained
A Statement from Janaya Future Khan
Scaffolded Anti Racist Resources
21-Day Challenge: Racial Equity Habit Building

Update: Edited for grammar and clarity, as this was written in the moment and I can’t sleep at night if I leave improper grammar behind.


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I think it’s good to speak your mind and talk about the issues. In these cases, err on the side of saying something, so long as it is respectful :slight_smile: But I think it’s also important to ask questions and receive what people are saying in response, as well.


I applaud NP for asking questions. I do wish I had seen this comment before I wrote my chicken scratch interpretation of this! The choice we unilaterally agreed on was not “hogging up the airwaves”.


I’m holding you to that. You know I love me some docos. Maybe even more than wait for it…kitten kabobs.


DC Daily, socials, and our Q&As were suspended for Blackout Tuesday + surrounding week, yes :slight_smile: They did have an episode planned that I’m sure we’ll see soon.


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Thank you and you’re very welcome! I’m just a very voracious listener of all kinds of music, I always try to listen to new things every single day and I usually have music playing in the background or when chillaxing (like now). So my brains are full of music, like, at all times. It just happens naturally :woman_shrugging: DJing sounds like an extrovert’s job. I just create playlists and share links :grin:


The answer to all three is the same! To reduce the amount of “noise” around the current events, we as an organization agreed that it was best to delay these Q&As for the next few weeks. A second, parallel, more significant layer is respecting our talent’s devotion and attention to the cause. It comes back to offering a genuine experience, where there might be only the option of a toothy smile, you know?

They will absolutely be returning, we are in continued contact about starting up again :slight_smile: