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Hahahaa oh my gosh, what an exercise! Ummmmm… it would be called … The Rascal Squad.

Brian De Palma.

I would be played by Kevin Costner
@Pretty.Poison.Bombshell would be played by Viola Davis
@MissInkBlot would be played by Regina King
@BestBeastBoy would be played by Gary Oldman
@Barrys.Better.Half would be played by a young Helena Bonham Carter
@Green.Lantern would be played by a young Paul Newman

We’re an alumn fraternity at a college and in our effort to have one last hoorah we return to campus and throw sexy parties and the Dean is always mad at us.


As our executive producer you already have tickets to when it comes out no doubt next year.



It’s okay, I’m watching Home Movies in the other window.


It’s a 1986 scare-athon!

(And yes, some of these movies aren’t necessarily obscure.)


Hi Murdoc! First, I do apologize if you weren’t budgeted for an annual charge; please reach out to CS if that caused any unexpected issues.

There was a lot of confusion around that, and we did determine that if you kept your credit card updated, your annual subscription would renew right as rain.

We will have a lot more details about this all soon, and I am trepidatious to say anything that might get misinterpreted or break the seal of trust I have internally. But rest assured you will have answers on how payments and charges will amount in the new DCU very soon (“Soon” defined as like, … in a moon or two).


Hello Applejack :woman_red_haired:,
I was so thrill that HBO Max release more President movies, there was one old film that’s not on DVD, and never thought I see this again as ever, ‘Tennessee Johnson.’ The movie is about our 17th President. I was so happy to watch it again for the first time in years.
Anyway I also would like to say is Thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart to you and the Moderators for accepting my Penguin Club! I can’t wait to get started!:grinning::penguin:


I will say in terms of being a destination for DC video content, that is definitely a beat that HBO Max is hoping to capitalize on.

At this time the plans are already in motion to make HBO Max the only destination for video content. From a business perspective, I understand their reasoning; it’s cannibalizing to split your revenue into two different platforms. I have resigned myself to accepting this as a matter of fact and working to ensure the new system feels equally valuable, if not more so for comic fans :slight_smile: And hopefully, we see more bundle opportunities emerge.


The casting is amazing!!! :raised_hands:


I’ve heard plans that are actually a bit more elegant in terms of transition. Nothing finalized but potentiall you may not have to do anything at all to bear the changes.


Before I even read the second part of your post, I was thinking that my favorite part was being able to share in the excitement with all of you. The BAWSE panel was the one I felt most invested in- I really kept getting chills the whole time, it was kind of crazy! The Batman trailer was remarkable. Also the Black Adam “trailer”, I guess you could call it. I am just so proud of the creative direction DC is going.

And how surprising was that Beyond Batman segment?

Ok yeah, SUPER hard to pick a favorite!!


Contact the moderators to submit your club idea! We’d need a few more details around how this club engages our members. In this case, I would also like to understand what sources are being used to get members up to speed, and how it differentiates from our News pages. Read all about our club submission process here:


@Applejack With the video content eventually going to be only on HBO Max, well I guess it’s a long shot… but I’ll be the dummy and ask anyways: do you think there’s a chance there will be a bundled subscription (DCU + HBO Max)? I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but might as well ask right?


Thanks AJ! (Can I call you that)


Don’t mean to interrupt but congrats on the new gig!


The Rewards program has definitely experienced its fair share of challenges, and I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to nab a t-shirt.

Here is the contact for our legal department, which can be found in DC Universe’s Terms of Use:

To make sure you are prepared to speak to expectations and terms, take some time to review the Terms and Conditions for the Rewards program as well, before reaching out to make sure you are “speaking their lanuage”. I hope this helps.


Oh no!! The last update I am aware of was the month of August, is this how long you’ve been experiencing it?

I can’t promise it will be instantly addressed, but I will make sure and pass it on. bookmarked


SO COOL!!! Did you happen to catch the Q&A with the designer, James Groman, nearly a year ago? Such a nice guy and a huge history in the toy designer field. I’m so happy you like it! It’s a unique take but being able to explore Batman with a whole different fantasy edge without impacting the continuity is pretty fun.
You can see the other figures he did for this line here: Joker, Two-Face, and Croc!


Yeah, I did. That’s probably why I wanted it!


I’ve been enjoying your, DJ Mae, and RAAAAZZZCAAT!'s lively discussion on this, but I am so, so not able to adequately chime in! I’ve never seen Dark Shadows or The Vampire Diaries, I really liked True Blood but only stuck around for two seasons, and that only leaves Interview with a Vampire- not a fair ranking!

I see there’s two generations of Dark Shadows, is one better than the other?

What about a round-up of What We Do In The Shadows, Thirst, Let The Right One In, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and From Dusk Till Dawn?


Bonsoir @applejack!

I hope your vacation fit you like the finest in haute couture. How were those beaches in the Maldives dah-ling? Exquisite I’m sure . . .

Do you remember any of the books from the Piranha Press days? I’m sure the chances of them getting added to the library may be slim, but wondered if you had any favorites or thoughts on the line?

I was waiting until after the second half of DC FanDome to share any thoughts or questions about what may or may not happen regarding changes to DC Universe - understanding that it is both a fluid and guarded situation, but are we still able to post thoughts, ideas, and possible emotional pleas in the Suggestion Box? Do the suggestions make it up the chain in some fashion or is it more of a pebble in the ocean type thing at this point?

Hope all is well :white_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart:

Your honorarium;


The latter generation of Dark Shadows was barely a blip in the history books. The original Dark Shadows ran for many years and saw the release of two theatrical films.