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Somehow indeed! :crazy_face: Sorry that this is spiraling out of control, @Applejack!

On the topic of uh, intimacy, I agree with @Razzzcat, what is erotic or smutty or what have you varies from person to person so much that rating or ranking it is a little silly, apart from obvious stuff like X-rated stuff.

Anyway, why are we talking about this? Is it about ornery vampires?

With this topic in mind I personally find a lot of sexiness in music actually and if you don’t mind I’ll spin this one:


Hey, trust me, I really want to join in the discussion, but I’d rather play it safe than slip-up and go outside a boundary.

rubs forehead in thought

Ah geez Edith, why not? This isn’t directed at any one person, so here goes…

Okay, so I’m a romantic (not that the other team ever notices/cares, but I know it at least). To me, romance absolutely involves sex to a certain point. I mean, it’s one of the things the whole enterprise builds towards, really. When you deeply love someone and want to be sensually romantic with them, most of the time that involves more than a box of chocolates and roses.

Conversely, eroticism isn’t just sex, but more of a…heightened extension of romance I find.

Again, I’m not one to philosophically expand on this stuff, but as a writer who sometimes handles romantic material, those are my brief two cents on the matter.

Someone brought up Anne Rice a while back; is her Sleeping Beauty worth a read?


:blush: Okay I’m done with this!


@Mae Good thing I didn’t show/mention the 12-inch toys. :wink:


Agree w/ everything you said. :pray:t3: (Romantics UNITE!) Also: You have a mind and soul, therefore you’re qualified to speak on the matter. Personally, I think her Vampire novels are much better, but really it’s just a matter of preference for subject.

Also @Mae :joy::point_up_2:thats what she said.


Highly agree here. Something can be very sensual and erotic without being necessarily traditionally sexual. Not to get too detailed or anything… :eyes:

This reminds me of our famous cuddly Snugglebug thread, which keeps to very tasteful but often sensual images of couples embracing and kissing. Is it erotica? Not usually, I don’t think. But that’s just my personal point of view.



That’s about the only qual-

Oh, Great Rao! Why can’t I stop?!


I ask about the Sleeping Beauty stuff by Rice as someone I was once madly in love with (unbeknownst to them) turned me onto that iteration of the story, as she knew of my penchant for that tale, particularly the Disney version.

I flipped through it at a B. Dalton once, but that’s all I’ve read of it.


And I think that’s the point.
Sleeping Beauty would be defined as X-rated.
Since what is “erotic” varies from person to person, there is an objective measure, MPAA ratings, that defines what action or visuals define each rating. Sure, as Tom Lehrer sang.
“When correctly viewed, everything is lewd. I could tell you things about Peter Pan & The Wizard of Oz. There’s a dirty old man.”

I’m just saying that the explicitness of the descriptions of “activities” can be rated and classified.

At the risk of getting @Applejack wrath.

Why is Batgirl’s transport, canonically, a motorcycle rather than a car. Sure, it can be put down to cost. But, it might also be a function of the frequency of resonance. If so, does that make every comic with her on her bargirl-cycle a romance book? Or erotica because it could be viewed as a form of fetishism for the character?

The point being that their are cultural definitions and ratings for all kinds of material. And those could be applied to various definitions of Romance, Erotica, Smut.

I will say this, cuz I’m old and remember when their were bookstores and Bezos hadn’t even thought about Amazon. Every bookstore I’ve ever been in always had The Beauty series in their Erotica section, not the Romance section.


My $0.03

I suppose that depends, if your OK with hardcore descriptives and S&M themes. It’s probably worth a read. If those ain’t your wheelhouse, I’d give it a pass.

And FWIW, I am a romantic (I’d describe it as a “new romantic”) but I’m also a lewd, rude, crude SOB as well. Depends on the circumstances and the other person. What they are into and consent to, has ended me up at many places on the continuum.


@DeSade-acolyte Good to know, thanks. The S&M stuff is most definitely not of interest.

Oh well. I’ll just watch the Disney version again.

hums to himself

:notes: “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.” :notes:


Goes and gets some Neapolitan ice cream and settles down to watch some more Dark Shadows.


Yeah, the novels are all about power and the taking and giving of that power through S&M themes, heavy on slaves and masters. Not my thing, but I’ve read most of them (they got boring fast for me) just because it’s Anne Rice. Like I read Lost Girls because it’s Alan Moore (a much more entertaining thing, btw).


Lost Girls is quite good. Although, I prefer Anton Derek over Moore. Although Robin Ray aka Erich von Gotha takes top spot in the adult comics realm, IMO.


So @Mae gotta ask. Where are you in your current DS run/binge/whatever you wish to call it.


I wanted to start watching it a while ago, before this conversation, and watched maybe the first 10-15 episodes 5-6 months ago and just got busy with other stuff. Not my first time, I first saw Dark Shadows, I think in the '90s on the Sci-Fi channel if I’m not mistaken. But this conversation made me really excited about the show again, so I started everything back up from Episode 1 and now I’m on Episode 32. They’re only 19-20 minutes long so they fly by pretty quickly. I’m hoping to get through the show, watch the movies since I never have seen them, and then get into the audio dramas and the novels. There is a bunch of them on Hoopla, hopefully all of them! The only Dark Shadows stuff I don’t know where to get is the comics, I don’t know if those stories are worth it?


The comics are fun. They originally were put out by Gold Key. They printed anthologies a number of years back and are not being reprinted at this time. I did some checking a while ago and the anthologies were going for big bucks on eBay. I remember reading a few of the comics when they came out, but I’m not prepared to pay the going price for the anthologies.

Of course I’m old enough to remember watching Dark Shadows when it aired. I remember my sister would meet me at the bus stop after school and we had to sprint home to watch it. She kept telling me to run faster and I had to point out that her legs were twice as long as mine. So I was running basically twice the distance. She still kept telling me to run faster. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Since this ventured into Erotica and smut I have an author I’d recommend you stay away from since I don’t think she did proper research for her books: E.L. James


I’m new to this thread, but it came up during the FanDome Watchalong.


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