One-Shots Book Club


Are you just getting into comics and want an easy, low stress club to participate in? Are you a DC superfan with a horribly busy schedule? Are you desperately trying to shove one more club onto your plate? Or maybe you just want to see a new piece of the DC universe every week? Then the One-Shots Book Club is for you!

Every week we’ll take a look at and discuss a single issue with little to no context needed! Discussions will be posted every Saturday and will last all week. You can find the discussions here.

You may be wondering who can join. The answer is, well, anybody! There are no restrictions on who can join the One-Shots Book Club. Anybody, regardless of clearance level, is welcome. Also, your level of participation is up to you. Members will never be required to participate in any week; it is entirely voluntary.

When? Where?
Once again, discussions will be posted every Saturday. They will last all week, and can be found in the Community Events section.

Sounds great! Where can I sign up?
Right here!


Oh, boy…

Okay, I’m in!

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Wait a minute! Is this a trick? The club says closed!

Really? I’ll see what’s wrong. Sorry.

@ralphsix Okay, it should be fixed. I must have forgotten to save the changes!

A’ight. I’m in!

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In like Flinn

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I’ll join this one too. Geez its like high school all over again. I was a club-a-holic then too.

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We should start a club for that. Or a support group.


Hello my name is Jay and I’m a club-a-holic.


Seriously I played two sports and was in seven clubs back then.


Sounds cool. I’ll be there

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Late to the party, but I enjoy one-shot books as a pleasant diversion from mini-series and up. So, I am in. :slight_smile:

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I’m in! Don’t have a ton of time, so a one shot book club sounds manageable!

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When’s the next one, I haven’t seen any in a while

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Yes, we hope for it’s appearance again one day.

Maybe February 2? @Awesome_Squid


Wondering the same. Is this still a thing or has it died off?

Don-El said maybe the 2nd, which is next week. And if push comes to shove I can always take over

Tomorrow @OneShotBookClub

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Expect the next one to be tonight