Our Heroes in This Time of Uncertainty

I want to say thank you to all of the medical workers and want to say a few personal thank you to a few people . Thank you @CynicalPink for the awesome ideas wish I thought of it lol jk you are an awesome person and I really appreciate your activities on this platform it’s always a joy to see you comment on whatever I post!
@DocAtlas a dentist by day and a special lantern at night . I really would like to meet you in person one day shake your hand and have a pint
The one person I can’t tag is my wife she is working on the front lines in a local hospital. I’m so proud of her Alicia is her name. I have always loved her drive to help people and I want to just say to all of the people that read this; when this is all over we will all know someone affected by this virus so please wash your hands and stay home. This is the one time where being lazy can help save lives! So please be lazy binge all the DC content and then binge other platforms. This will effect all of us and thank you to all the first responders; I am so lucky and proud of my wife Alicia I love you. So let’s show love and appreciation for each other especially those working in every hospital!


@jsmsiggy incredibly sweet message to your wife! What a hero!


@jsmsiggy : That handshake and pint can’t come soon enough! Much thanks to Alicia and her co-workers! I’m sure Alicia’s husband is very lucky to be with her!


You are my favorite community. I love you all very dearly.

My hero is my partner, who lives far away but raises me up every day. Without her I would crumble to paste.

Also, @Applejack. Nobody works harder or more tirelessly to keep this place an oasis of sanity in a chaotic world.


@CynicalPink @DocAtlas @HubCityQuestion thank you all yes I’m very lucky yes I definitely married up will also add one of the MLP (joke) for real always hard at work doing something @Applejack


At the risk of embarrassing her, very few people know that @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell was a front line emergency medical surgeon in the middle east, at (one of) the height(s) of conflict. She has given more than I can imagine in the name of - sure, maybe country, but really - helping people. I won’t reveal more but the life of this woman is extraordinary, straight from the pages of a comic.

She continues to this day being a steadfast pillar in her own community, serving both the youth and the elderly. And she spends her “free time” with us, using her calm and measured mind in the face of chaos to make sure we can all have a good time. On top of it she’s got the best dang collection of toys and comics I’ve ever seen, and beautiful DC tattoos to match. We are truly not worthy.

My father, who served in Vietnam, and has since started his own insurance business to provide veterans with healthcare benefits and help them get additional grants and support through government aid.

The friends I made from working 10 years in the grocery industry. My heart is with them and in a way, I feel ashamed I can’t be in the aisles with them today, trying to make things a little happier in the face of dealing with assembly line chaos and anxiety.

People here like @MovieAddict, @iJest, @PrincessAmethyst, and many many others, who work in fields to help unrepresented and disenfranchised people. You are not working a job, you are serving your calling.
We see you, heroes.


@Applejack Really glad you shared those stories. Wouldn’t have known otherwise, and there’s so much gratitude to be had.

Thanks to all of you, more than I can say.


Thank you for making this thread, @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell and for all of the incredible things you’ve done and continue to do.

And also to you, @CynicalPink, for being a light in these difficult times. People who are able to see through the cloud of negativity to find glimmers of hope and joy are treasures in any community. Thank you for being a part of ours and for helping to brighten these days.

If I may, I know these are tough times for everyone, but it’s now, more than ever, that I’m grateful to be a part of such an incredible community. I truly believe that we’ve made unbreakable connections here at DC Universe and that’s exactly what the world needs now. Thank you everyone, for being heroes in your own way and helping to keep this community the fun, friendly place we all know and love. :heart:


My mom! She’s sewing masks for our nurse friend and her friends. They’re very nice.


Thank you for this thread! It is nice seeing people helping each other, in the face of this anxiety-ridden and unknown situation it’s good to have a glimmer of hope. Your stories are incredible, everyone :green_heart: Stay healthy.

Shouting out to all the people that still have to work to make everyday life possible for all of us. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, but we will make it a better day.


Hello all,
I work for Door Dash during this time and it is scary each delivery. Each restaurant I pick up an order dont know if that person is sick get to a home some folks still dont understand the social distancing just open the door to get the food. I meet 50 people a day delivering food to take care of my fiance and I. I also do it because we are all in this together and we have to fight together. I could hop on unemployment and yes it would be safer for me and my fiance. But truthfully folks need to eat in this time of challenge. Working together we can come through this stronger and maybe just maybe everyone will finally realize we are all gods children and we are all equal. Thank you for the kind words toward the many folks that are stepping in harm’s way each day. I know someone will probably say well your not a nurse so not the same but I still bring a needed service to people in my area otherwise they would not have their own. Thanks again for the kind words. I really look forward to delivering each day and helping each day a little more.


@ZatannaAndHerSpells Thank you, but it’s such a small thing, and nothing I need thanks for. So many members of this community keep me going on rough days. I wish I could do more.

@jameskellogg06.35780 Thank you for everything. Will keep you in my thoughts, as well as everyone else posting here. Please stop by again to let us know how you’re doing (or just to say hello!)


@capo-mage thank you for the mention, it’s very much appreciated​:four_leaf_clover:


Thank you @Applejack. First, for making me more aware of the beautiful heart of @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell! I always knew I had a lot of respect for her, but now I see a kindred spirit. Second, for always reminding me of my own heart. You will always be one of my heroes. This place would be a lot different without your own heroism. That is the thing about heroism, everyone has a part of it in them. I see it every single time I come here to these forums because heroism, to me, isn’t always these huge deeds, but sometimes it is the small quiet deeds that keep people going that is truly heroic. People like @HubCityQuestion, who quietly helps out with so many different aspects of this community (i.e. trivia and helping me with writing wednesday) and has offered friendship throughout without demanding or asking for anything but community. I see people like @Don-El, who have offered me comic book recommendations quietly when I have had crisis due to life and work to help me relax. He has offered an ear and listened when I am upset for no other reason than to offer comfort to another. I see people in the community I truly admire for one reason or another, like @TurokSonOfStone1950, @TravisMorgan, @BatJamags, and so many others. These are my heroes. The people who build a safe place to be during this surreal moment of time and place.

There is a perk to being a wallflower that gets overlooked by others often, you see all the beauty in the world and the beauty of each person. You see the small things. The little moments that add to bigger things. I see beauty in every single member of this site. You are all heroes to me because you make this a place to recoup, refresh, unwind, and recharge. You create a safe space each day that is full of friendship, light, and love. That is truly heroic. Never doubt your own heroism in this time.


So very much appreciated dear @Applejack. You know I have struggled with the job as it has been a very rough year. I have to say I’m extremely thankful that I don’t have to worry where my next paycheck is coming from. I also want to remind some that 2 months ago, many considered unskilled workers to not be deserving of a living wage. Now those same unskilled workers are the most important people behind the medical profession at keeping us alive. I’m talking about the grocery, restaurant, gas station, and other workers forced to work minimum wage. This should remind us all that no one is deserving of anything less than a living wage, not a minimum wage, and every job is important. Please don’t forget we all have a part to play in this life and we are all valuable. Never think less of someone for having a “menial” job, because you don’t know their circumstances circumstances and reason they are unable to become skilled workers and it doesn’t make them any less important. If we can get only one positive, I truly hope that positive is we all see the value in ALL people and professions. Keep remembering this. Never forget. Always appreciate everyone, not just in times of crisis. Also, I have offered my help to my friends and family, and if you can help someone struggling during this time, please do what you can. We are all in the same fight, and we all have an important role in society, regardless of finances. Thanks again to everyone for their kind words, you are just aa important as the grocers and medical professionals and everyone else right now because you reinforce the job we are doing and make us feel appreciated. That is truly a blessing that has been in short supply…


Thank God for our true heroes the emergency workers


I said thank you to everyone earlier but I definitely wanna highlight @Applejack for being super awesome and helpful and keeping this community running smoothly. @CynicalPink is also awesome, always super kind and encouraging in the DC Fan Art Club. I know my art isn’t the best, and normally I wouldn’t like to share it, but it’s such a great community within a community that I never feel bad when I do post.

I could go into so much detail about all the people I want to thank, but that would make this super long, so I just wanna say thank you to @capo-mage, @TravisMorgan, @biff_pow, @Behemoth, @KeyFamily, and @AlexanderKnox for being awesome people!

Also quick shoutout to @A1waysAJ for being an awesome co-host! This club wouldn’t be half as organized without you!

Everyone on here that is medical personnel or a first responder, thank you! And thank you to everyone that works in grocery stores, warehouses, and delivery service. Society would not be running without any of you.


Thank u @Nightroia. That means a lot. I echo the same statements back to u & everyone u mentioned. Including everyone on this site. Definitely a site filled with amazing people.


Thank you :pray:t2: so much @Nightroia but what would this club be without its other half? You have great ideas and are even amazing at helping me flesh out mine to the fullest!


My personal hero is my spouse. Without them and their history of fascination with outbreaks, we’d be pretty stuck. On top of that, they’re at risk due to respiratory issues, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking this one day at a time. They been an incredible source of patience, knowledge, and kindness in this crisis. They’re now in the process of researching hand sewing masks to deliver to our various local hospitals as well as friends and family.

On a daily basis I admire those who work in the medical field for their dedication to preserving life on a scale I can’t fathom. It’s truly selfless work more often than not, and I can’t thank you all enough.

I’ve worked retail before, and I know how stressful it is without the added bonus stress of a pandemic at your back. It’s often thankless, and you get the brunt of frustration and anger. Just know that there are so many out there who appreciate you, not just during this time, but all the time. You’re always essential.

No matter what you do, try to keep hope alive. It’s tough in times like this, but hope is the best thing we’ve got to combat dark times.