Our World is in Need of Heroes!

It is one of the best designs and the best non-skirt design. And those boots are freakin awesome!!!


Superman of course. He stands for Truth justice and the American way."
The only bigger symbol of hope is this one.


The whole reason I started to love DC, is because Superman was such an inspiration, a beacon of hope. It might sound corny, but my fictional comic book hero’s taught me to stand for the good in people, no matter how small an act can be. If there was ever a intense decision I was faced with, I would always think to myself, “What would Superman do?” That mentality got me through tough times, and is exactly why he’s the inspiration we all need.


I want DC’s Legend of Tomorrow to go back in time and fix things. There are pivotal moments in history that led to the injustices and inequalities of today.

:loudspeaker: Captain Sara Lance, we have a mission for you.

If we can’t have that, then Wonder Woman because she’s a respected and effective diplomat who leads with love.


My first pick is the entire Superman family, as they’re all guided and inspired by the ultimate symbol of hope: Superman.

He will never back down, compromise, be bought, give up, turn a blind eye or treat anyone unfairly. His heart knows nothing but compassion, kindness and doing what’s right.

That, in turn, has inspired several other heroes to carry on Superman’s legacy, not to get in his good graces or be sycophants, but because what he does is the right thing to do, and the more people who can carry on messages of hope, staying strong, doing what’s right, holding the powerful accountable and shining a beaming, everlasting light of positivity that will never cease in its brilliance truly is something that each and every one of us can do.

Superman doesn’t lord over us, or act like he has every answer for every situation. He simply embodies the best attributes of our collective humanity, as do his family and allies.

I’ll also pick Booster Gold. Why? He’s from the future, and that makes him one of the most perfect people to say “Everything will be okay. Trust me, I know. We’re going to make it. There are rough patches along the way, but we endure and carry on. The future is bright, and you’re going to see it in all of its glory soon enough. Just hang on, do what you can, stay strong and you’ll see.”

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I’m right there with ya. Folks have made some great picks like Mr. Terrific and how his tech could help or Black Canary & WW but what we need is inspiration, hope and justice. No one embodies that more that Superman. If you have a beacon of hope that is justice and true everything will follow, in a way like how every other hero followed afterward. Tech would help but we need the hope, inspiration, and chance to prove we can fix things on our own more than just have someone fix it for us. How long will it last if it was handed to use and not earned. The strength to not kill and find an alternative (sorry WW). I just don’t see how besides personal preference, Superman isn’t the clear choice.
Oh @capo-mage who would you pick to inspire folks during this time buddy?


I choose Green Lantern:


I haven’t been tagged, but I have a rebel’s heart, so I’m going anyway. You can’t stop me!!

Our current crisis would call for a whole team of heroes, so here’s the Task Force I would assign initially:

Black Lightning
Green Arrow
Ted Kord Blue Beetle


I haven’t been tagged either, but I’m going to follow in @ralphsix’s footsteps and rebel.

I think the hero we need right now is Shazam! Along with all of his brothers and sisters. They symbolize everything I aspire to be. A group of individuals who come together to help make the world more fair, loving, accepting, and right. They show us that no matter your background, your race, your physical ability, your gender, or your sexuality; that you are important. That you are stronger than you believe you are. And that if the world ever doubts you, you can make change. You can stand up to the “big guys.”

Right now, maybe we all need to be a little more like the Shazam! family. To all stand together and support each other. To fight off injustices of race, corrupt judicial systems/authorities, and those who have continued to spew hate for far too long. It’s our job to stand like brothers and sisters ourselves.


Man I feel like a jerk now. Is tagging someone after they post ok? What the heck…

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Nice picks :smiley:.


Don’t feel like a jerk! Right now more than ever we should all feel the need to come out and speak. It shouldn’t be up to anyone else to tap you on the shoulder to get you involved. We must stand together and speak out on our own! :smile:


Oh, I wasn’t mad or weirded out, I just wasn’t gonna wait :grin:. Don’t feel jerky!

Besides, there is WAY more important stuff to be upset about.


I know most are expecting me to bring a bit of wildstorm chaos, usually I would put my Superman on the case, but Mr Majestic is a lot to much for this.

So, my hero is John Stewart. Military man with a heart and just enough DGAF to do bad things to bad guys.

Lucky me @TheQuestion101 hasn’t been picked cause I want to see who they pick


Thanks for the tag @Wildstorm-Jeff.

There is definitely a need for heroes to lead us through these trying times. Many here have already named Superman and Wonder Woman as two possible choices to fill the position. Of these two, I lean toward Wonder Woman, but since she has been named numerous times, I will put forth Uncle Sam.

As his powers are directly related to how much the people believe in America, it would be rough goings in the beginning. People have lost faith in this country. However, as Uncle Sam stands up against the hate and injustice, he can show everyone that “America” is not the problem, but rather individuals in places of authority are. As he restores the people’s faith in this country, his powers also grow in strength. By the time he has vanquished those who are tearing us apart, belief in the “American Dream” for EVERYONE will be restored.

I am curious as to who @biff_pow and @Athena would choose.


I would choose…um…Zatanna? Lol. She’s seen it all, been around. She’s got a hopeful attitude like the whole Kal-El family. WW choice 2…@Razzzcat who would u pick? Also…

The legion could really work it out in these times.


Hey, @capo-mage! This is easy :wink: Intelligence, empathy, strength, honor—for me there’s only one person for the job. :purple_heart: Diana.


Choice 2 for me. She’s the symbol of hope for me. I’ll take a woman over a man in times of crisis. Supes can be backup.


Zee is a good one—I’m flipping your list, for my top 2! …ok and Im adding Lois to this list, because @biff_pow reminded why I like her so much in the first place.
Ps. Dear @DC89 and… @Mae: who would you pick? I’m also curious who @bribriibri would choose…you too @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell.


Thanks, @Vroom and @TheQuestion101

Everyone’s already said what i think more eloquently than i could. I came out of the gate for superman, but @TheQuestion101 makes a strong case for uncle sam!

i’d like to say lois lane: a good, honest reporter, but when even basic, obvious facts are denied by half the country as a political statement, i’m losing faith that journalism can save us anymore.


Sorry to copy you, @Razzzcat but Wonder Woman, absolutely. She’s the embodiment of love and empathy, which these days many people are sorely lacking.

This scene always makes me cry tears of happiness and pride.