Please save Swamp Thing

I have enjoyed your live action depictions of superheroes thus far and am excited to see what you come up with next. I do not make a habit of commenting on anything on the internet about shows or movies because everything deserves a chance and the more properties out there means more opportunities for fans to see their favorite characters finally make the splash to either tv or big screen. I just read about the cancellation of Swamp Thing and after watching the two episodes so far, am very pleased in the depiction of the character. This is probably for naught but I feel very strongly about pleading with the reversal of the cancellation. I’m not going to threaten with canceling of my subscription just want to plead with you not to let this one (SwampThing) go by the wayside. I am not sure of the behind the scenes decision because the news is too early and no official response as to exact reason has been made. I understand that no show is guaranteed more than the original first season order but my goodness this is an amazing show. Swamp Thing looks absolutely amazing and the visuals are stunning. Please, from the fans, reconsider canceling.
Thank you for your time.


We understand the frustration, @rockndude0004.

You can find our official response in Watchtower here:

For any further questions or comments, please make them in the official response topic, to provide a single source of truth for community members. Thank you!

You see this is the kind of support for Swamp Thing we need. Calm and explaining why you love the show.

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I am also a fan of the show. I think the CEOs really need to rethink their decision.

I understand re-directing my comment to your official post but my not posting in you’re official spot does not change my/our feelings on the matter. We understand the blanket response that you all have to give but it also does not change our position on the matter. I, and I can only speak for myself, have enjoyed Titans and Doom Patrol. I only hope to see more of both, but I have never been more excited than how Swamp Thing has been depicted. Please from all the fans keep this going.

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