PLOP! Have you ever read it?

Just wondering who remembers this wacky and funny DC Comic from the ‘70’s?
PLOP featured Sergio Aragones and other talent and was just a zany lot of fun to read! It had some strange covers, crazy short stories, and plenty of one page and one panel gags! Wish they’d do something like that again.

Also… any chance this classic comic will turn up on this site? Would love to read it again!

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I’d like it if a whole lot of different genres showed up here but as long as the site is called DC Universe I suspect we’re going to be superhero centric.

While I agree. We do have titles like House of Mystery and House of Secrets etc. on here so I’m hoping there’s a chance PLOP might end up here also. Plop was even narrated (hosted) by the same Cain and Abel from the aforementioned horror series of the 70’s!
It would be a funny change of pace.