Plots for the LDCU (Lego DC Universe)

So I am making a LDCU for youtube on my channel Mrenderkid Productions and I wanted to share the general plot for my first Batman movie

It’s loosely based on the BTAS episode ‘’Make em laugh’’ where Joker brainwashes comedians and turns them into villains (most famously this episode created Condiment King) and I’m using the same idea and Dick Grayson won’t be around until the end when he dresses up in a red shirt and green pants with a black hood and will fight Harley Quinn eventually Joker is supposedly killed off after falling into a pool of acid but isn’t and his 3 henchmen (Condiment King, Pack Rat and Harley Quinn) are put into Arkham anyways tell me what you think and tell me any ideas you have for other Lego DC short films