Poll for Psychology of Supervillains club May topic

So Sinestro is on deck for the month of April. (After all, April is all about fear, cuz who doesn’t fear doing their taxes. :rofl: )

But I’m putting up a poll for who we do in May.

  • Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Mirror Master
  • The Riddler

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The poll will be open thru Saturday, April 18th and the voting is allowed only by club members.
So if you want to vote, join the club.

If you are a member and have problems with the poll, please DM me, and I’ll work with the mods to get it sorted out.

I couldn’t choose between Ra’s and Riddler, so I voted the latter, just to make things difficult and give us an even spread.

And dammit. I’m still doing my Vandal watches. :sweat_drops: I’ll continue my debate in my own headspace.

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Sinestro won’t be starting for another week. And you can always feel free to add to an existing thread even if we’ve moved to a different month.

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