Poll: If DC in Theory Made Harley and Nightwing a Couple How Would You Prefer It?

  • Nightwing saves Harley from her internal demons and brings her into a life of heroism and good.
  • Harley seduces Nightwing into a fun but corrupt life of roguish anti-hero adventures.
  • They both retire and settle down as civilians.
  • A cat and mouse type series of escapades that evolves into a relationship.

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Genuinely curious as to the community’s thoughts.

Very cool idea for the first and second one! I voted for first.

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I voted for the cat and mouse option, as it reminded me of the New Batman Adventures episode “You Scratch My Back”.

Put Harley in place of Catwoman, and you’d be set for some fun tales.


I would prefer to see her as a Batman sidekick. His brooding stoicism and her zany cheerfulness might actually temper each other. But I would love to see the dynamic in action and see how she gets along with Alfred, Damian and the other Bat Family regulars.


Can’t vote- at this point, she is without question no longer a villain and fully into anti-hero territory. But I don’t want to see her paired up with anyone but Poison Ivy.


I do not want to see nightwing with Harley. Nightwing should be with Barbara and I refuse to have Harley with anyone but Joker


My attitude towards pairing these two is…Why not? The way I see it I got my wish with the Batman: Harley Quinn movie. If it was canon, I could see something like the last option. It seems to be the most realistic to me at least. They are both acrobats, they also have a sense of humor.

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I’m w/ @TheRealDetectiveChimp & @TheTerribleToyman. Don’t want to see this happen. No bueno. Harls belongs w/ Ivy :wilted_flower: and Richard :face_with_monocle: belongs w/ Babs.


I dont like the idea of a woman needing to be saved by a dude to be happy. However a cat and mouse game, heck yeah!


I get that but it wouldn’t be because hes a man it would just be like him helping her heal. Similar to how ivy helps her

Full disclosure I personally prefer Nightwing with Barbara but I really wish DC would put a trial run on the idea.


Babs or Bust! … starfire if it can’t be Babs. Otherwise this is new territory that frankly scares me! :joy:


It started with the batman Harley Quinn animated movie.

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I’m aware @DickGrayson123 NW is in My Top 3 favorite characters! just dunno how I’d feel about seeing that play out,… I mean it did feel kinda Dirty and just WRONG when I had seen BM&HQ​:joy: I mean mainly in comics continuity vs. 1 off animated or alternate stories

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I voted for the cat and mouse type, but I would prefer a meeting in the middle. He shows her the good in the world, she helps him embrace parts of himself he’s been afraid off, they both save each other.


I mean…I don’t hate the idea of them being together. I think an unexpected hookup could be interesting, but nothing lasting. I voted for rougish anti-hero adventures.