POLL: Other Than Scooby, Which Mystery, Inc. Member Is Your Favorite?

now, what about scrappy?
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Shaggy all the way!

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Shaggy. Both here and on boomerang, i have been reading and watching the gang. Great entertainment now! Mindless and fun. Shaggy is like an absent minded professor. Velma and Fred are the obvious smarty pants…but Shaggy is always underestimated because of his goofiness. Shaggy is the Comedian, dog lover, cook, food scavenger, and along with Scooby, always sacrificing for the team. As Velma said in the new Scoop movie, he and Scooby are the heart of the team.


Shaggy is better than Daphne, because he is the jester (fool) who chooses to be better. Daphne has her own struggles, but she can’t relate to the majority of the populace who has a fear of stage fright. Shaggy can. He is the everyman in the story. He shows us how we relate to the person who is smarter than us, the guy who is better looking and seemingly more in command, and to the guy (dog) who is looking to us to hold their hand and lead them through. Maybe that’s too much for a cartoon, but that’s what I always liked about Shaggy.


The Mystery Incorporated cartoon was absolute perfection.

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She is pretty much my female doppelganger, but without being on the Autism spectrum (Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender, Entrapta from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are also my female doppelgangers).

The movies do a good job showing that, but the cartoons don’t have any memorable moments for Shaggy whereas there are some for Daphne. In a couple of days, HBO Max launches and might have Scooby-Doo on launch, so revisiting some episodes and possibly watching ones I never watched may change my opinion. But, I liked What’s New Scooby Doo the most, and, in that show, she practically carries the Mystery Gang on her own.