💕 Poll: Would You Rather: Love Edition 💕

This Valentine’s Day, we have a very special Would You Rather for you fine users! With love in the air, it’s time to decide between two romantic options. So, without further ado…

Would you Rather:

  • Be in a committed, loving relationship with the DC character of your choosing - but are powerless.
  • Have a Star Sapphire Ring, but your heart doesn’t belong to any named DC character.

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Heck yes, I would choose the relationship. There’s to many reasons not to choose that. Maybe it’s just because the women of DC are awesome.

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The next question is have to think about is who? Barbara Gordon. She’s a really nice person and I expect that she would be a really nice person to be around.

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There’s still a wonderful world of non-DC-character people out there, and I’d have a power ring to impress them with, too.


While I would have loved to pick the relationship one… Being in a relationship with a DC character sets you up for failure and torture and/or death as the villain always goes after the loved one, don’t they? Noooo thank you. I’ll take the sapphire ring. At least then I can protect instead of having to be protected or becoming the victim.

Ever heard the song “I Am A Rock”? That’s my opinion of romance say what you will. A ring is much more practical and less selfish.

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Do I have to be a civilian, or can I still be a non-powered superhero?

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I would hang out with Stargirl or Barbara Gordon.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I am a rock, I am an iiiiiiiisland!!! That’s unfortunate.

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I would choose relationship. I’m 100% monogamous in them so wouldn’t be an adjustment to make. I’m assuming a character of DC stature would be faithful as well.


Easy choice. Why be in a relationship with a hero when you can be one yourself?

It’s not saying you’ll be loveless, just won’t be in a relationship with a “named” DC character. Most of the named DC characters have someone already anyway and the fans would get your relationship retconned ASAP.

I’m taking the Star Sapphire Ring!


1 pt for out of the box thinking. I thought it was be in a committed relationship or nothing at all. I’ve already got nothing at all, so a relationship would be lovely.

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So many awesome opinions so far! I can really tell you’ve put a lot of thought into this.

Personally, I voted to have the ring. As @iJest pointed out, being in a relationship with a hero could end in disaster, and being powerless just makes that all the more likely. At least with the ring, I can fall in love with someone entirely new and not end up suspended over a pit of acid.


@ZatannaAndHerSpells, so despite the fan theories, you wouldn’t want to live with John Constantine?

I would say a power ring is the most better option. Why pick one relationship that is full of a hero or villains ups and downs, and have to deal with them having a secret identity and living a double life, and then you taking the fall for that- I have seen to comic relationships go up and down, just like Batman’s on off relationship with Catwoman, or Hal Jordan’s on off relationship with Carol. If I want a relationship it has to be 100% committed, all-in, 50-50. Some heroes or villains in comics I have witnessed have cheated. Even those who were supposed to be committed, yet somehow changed further on down the road- like what they are doing now with Superman. With great power also comes great responsibility, but some unfortunately don’t see or use it that way. So its not entirely possible the same would happen to me if given the chance. Though, on a more positive note perhaps their level of greatness could inspire me or offer additional insight. At any rate I would rather have the ring, as it keeps my heart intact, that and I feel as if I am not ready yet for such a monumentous task so I would rather share the love universally for all DC people’s.