Post-Crisis Continuity Project

Certainly pre-00’s, continuity was a bit on the fudgable side.

All Star Squadron #41
Earth 2
Who’s who notes are marked with asterisks
The beginning of this story takes place either on February 27, 1942 or within a few days after this date.In 1942 on Earth 2 the US President put together a super team called the All Star Squadron. Tarantula is Jonathan J. Law who is a 23 year old best selling author of detective novels. Starman is Ted Knight. Will Everett is Amazing- man. Amazing-man used to be part of the All-star squadron. Starman became starman about a year before this story takes place in 1941.Ted Knights hometown is New York. Ted’s uncle is a senator and Doris Lee is Ted’s love interest .In 1941 dick Grayson is a young boy Robin under the tutalage of Batman.
This story recounts the origin of Starman. Ted Knight was a bored Playboy who admired the “mystery men” Batman and green lantern. His cousin shows him some contraptions she was given to look over by a scientist named Abraham Davis.Prof Davis had abandoned these gadget project to focus solely on Ultra-Dynamo. Shortly after getting the cache of gadges Prof Davis mysteriously disappeaed. Ted is fascinated by the gravity rod that Prof Davis made and wants to use it to fly like Green lantern.
Ted uses his super powered telescope beam and focuses cosmic rays into the gravity rod. The cosmic rays are no ordinary cosmic rays. They are cosmic rays that were previously unknown until Ted Knight discovered them. Ted Knight had not had a purpose for the cosmic rays until finding the gravity rod.And don’t all cosmic rays require a useful purpose?
With his modded gravity rod Starman is born.
Now, though, Starman needs some heroic work. He writes a letter to the FBI to notify them that he is available for any super hero tasks.
The attempted assassination of Senator Knight that took place in Freedom Fighters #15 is referenced. Through this event Ted Knights cousin becomes Phantom Lady.

A serious of explosions and crashes prompt the FBI to reach out to their mail order super hero. Starman’s mettle gets tested when the Brotherhood of the Electron drains all of the electricity from New York City. Dr. Doog is the big baddie leading the Brotherhood of the Electron. While trying to get to Dr. Doog in the Brotherhood’s hideout, Starman finds Prof. Davis tied up. As it turns out The Brotherhood of the Electron had Prof Davis held captive to use his Ultra-Dynamo invention to drain the electricity from New York. Starman uses the gravity rod to blow up the Dynamo machine and Dr. Doog runs away swearing his vengence.

After the origin story concludes the story returns to 1942 with Starman awaking from his stunned state and giving the JSA a dire warning about an incoming bomb.
Questions remain: What happened that made Starman lose consciousness and fall from the sky? How does Starman know a bomb is coming? Can he see the future?

Edit to reading list. Will be reading Arion #29 not #27. #29 was released Jan 1985.

Arion Lord of Atlantis 29
Earth One
Lady Chian believed Lord Arion was dead and hearing that he was not she has ventured to Atlantis. Lady Chian returns to Atlantis to find it in much worse condition than when she left. She brings along Lyla. It is revealed that Kr’rth near destroyed Atlantis. D’tilluh is the King of Atlantis and in these times the citizens of Atlantis are not pleased with his absence. Everyone seems to think that Lord Arion will be King after D’tilluh is deposed. Lady Chian finds Lord Arion and they instantly reconnect. Meanwhile the imprisoned S’net attacks the guards and incites a prisoner escape. Lord Arion and Lady Chian’s “activities” are interrupted by the sound of the rebelling prisoners. S’net takes the King hostage and Arion runs into the throne room to see S’net holding a blaster to the Kings head.Arion manages to free the King and battles with S’net. Another prisoner, Tarnu comes to S’nets aide by using his magic against Arion. While they battle S’net escapes. During the mayhem Wyynde disappears.

Next up The Fury of Firestorm #31 :fire::fire::fire:

Firestorm #31
Earth One
Note- this story takes place in the USA in 1984. This is the end of a three part story arc. Up until the beginning of this issue, Mindbogler has been causing Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) to have hallucinations.
Breathtaker is the one that hired Mindbogler to get Firestorm. The breathtaker leads a group of villains called the Assassination Bureau (AB). As it turns out the AB was hired by the 2000 committee, a gorup that wants to overthrow the government by the year 2000 (spoiler alert, they didn’t meet their goal.) Firestorm defeats the AB and while incarcerated, Mindbogler spills the beans on the 2000 committee hideout. Firestorm then encounters Lorainne Reilly (Firehawk) who is the daughter of a missing Senator. Firehawk is in love with Firestarter (and apparently was ever since he first saved her from Black Bison which precede her becoming Firehawk. Firestarter and Firehawk meet up with Mind Boggler and it is revealed that Senator Reilly is being held hostage by the 2000 committee.As it turns out, Clarrisa Clemens is heading the 2000 committee. Professor Stein (the other part of Firestorm) is shocked to see his ex-wife Clarrissa working in this capacity. A fight ensues and the Senator is freed and Clarissa is arrested.

Batman and the Outsiders #20

Batman and the Outsiders #20.
Earth One
This is set after 1987. The premise of the story is that Batman has found Halos true identity. It is the second and last part of this story. The Outsiders are led by Batman (Brice Wayne). Metamorpho, Halo, Geoforce, Katanna, and Black Lightning are members of the team. The true identity of Metamorpho is Rex Mason. Violet Harper is Halos true identity. When Halos identity is discovered she is reunited with her parents. Halo is not home long before a group of villains kidnap her. Syonide, Tobias Whale and Jane Denninger, and Dr. Moon are the villains. Halo activates her.Outsiders emergency signal and Batman tracks it to Halos hometown, Arlington Missouri. Halo is confronted by Jane who tells a story of Halo being a sociopath who her brother Mark fell for. Halo burned a man alive in his car and laughed while he died. Halo and Mark came into possession of a chemical formula for a drug more addictive than heroin. Tobias commissioned Syonide to find Halo and Mark and retrieve the formula. Halo murdered Mark before Syonide could find them. Syonide found Halo in Markovia and killed her.As Jane and Syonides recollection of Halos past is ending the rest of the Outsiders show up. During the fight Syonide kills Halos parents. The parents grave says they died in 1985! What?! Anyone have an explanation for timeline discrepency? Post note someone suggested the 1985 on grave was likely artist error. I agree this is likely, so continuity controversy closed!

Next Up Batman #379

Batman #379
Earth 1
Topics for discussion have ***
While reading this I noticed that throughout this comic the word Batman was almost always preceded with the. For example, “I need to be alone to become the Batman.” Is “the Batman” a stylistic choice the author made here or is this Earth’s Batman always called “the Batman”?
Jason Todd is Robin at this point. Recently Bruce Wayne and Natalia Knight aka Nocturna battled for custody over Jason Todd. Due to political animosity against Bruce Wayne, he lost the custody battle. In spite of this loss Jason is still dressing up as Robin and fighting crime with Batman.
In the previous issue the Mad Hatter “hatted” Nocturna and stole all the info out of her mind including the knowledge that Batman is really Bruce Wayne. Luckily Batman and Robin were able to get the computer from Mad Hatter before any secret info was revealed. This issue starts with the Mad Hatter reorganizing to overcome the recent defeat. The story then turns to following Julia Remarque who is a newspaper reporter (most abundant real life job in the comics world) for Picture News. Julia is Alfred’s daughter and he is distraught that she is using the last name Remarque and not Pennyworth.
The editor of the newspaper that Julia works at is none other Vicki Vale who is one of the more recent love interests in Bruce Wayne’s life.
Checking back in with the Mad Hatter, he is luring citizens off the streets and putting mind control hats on them to make them find and kill Batman.
In Natalia’s penthouse suite Jason Todd is attempting to find evidence that Natalia is Nocturna.
The first hatted pawn has found Batman and a brief battle ensues until a punch from Batman causes the hat to fly off and Mad Hatters link is shattered.
The Batman makes his way to Natalia’s penthouse and this totally creepy scene where Jason is expressing that he may want Natalia as a lover and not a mother when he’s older is being played out.
Batman calls Natalia Nocturna which leaves me entirely confused as to why Robin is trying to prove her identity as Norcturna. The Batman and Robin head to face the Mad Hatter at his hideout. A fight ensues and Nocturna shows up to save the day…or rather night. Nocturna takes Robin back home to her penthouse so he can rest for school.

This is such a cool idea! How many of these are on DCU, vs. having to claw thru back issue bins?

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So far it’s been about 1 in 10 that aren’t on the service which is pretty good :slight_smile:

The Flash #341
Earth 1
This continues The Trial story arc that was started in the previous issue. Barry Allen is The Flash and Trickster, Capt Cold and Capt Boomerang are enemies. The Trickster was in Blue Devil as well
How does this story fit with the simultaneous Blue Devil series?

Also of note, the Flash shows up to trial in his costume. In another comic it was revealed that superheroes were allowed to go to court in their costumes to protect their secret identity. Ten points to continuity!
The Flash is being tried for second degree murder of the Reverse Flash. In Central City meanwhile a crime wave has erupted. The Mirror Master is taking advantage of the Flash’s abscence and (cue suspenseful music) robbing a bank!
In The Flash’s trial Ralph Dibny aka The Elongated Man is on the stand.The Elongated Man does not have a secret identity. On the stand Ralph Dibny recounts Barry Allen’s and Fiona Webb’s wedding that took place “last year” on June 21st. The Reverse Flash showed up and was about to kill Fiona. The Flash showed up too and was able to stop The R Flash but in the process killed him. Next Fiona gets on the stand and testifies that after The Flash killed the R-Flash he only cared about Fiona.
The story moves to Sid Dithers who is investigating Cecile Horton, Flash’s attorney. He shows up to a cemetery and finds out John “Jack” OMalley is Ceciles father that died in 1982. As the first day of trial wraps up Big Sir :muscle: punches Flash and seriously injures him.

World’s Finest #311
Earth 1
Story opens with The Monitor talking to Lyla about Batman and Superman’s apparent inaccessibility. He has to be observing an earth besides Earth 2 since Batman is alive and well. The Monitor states his purpose is to watch things happen and store the data until it becomes useful. Batman is foiling a plot by the Bleak December that is trying to stop the launch of a communication satellite. After the satelitte a hacker kid, David, is planning to use the satellite to steal the writer of Next Teen Tyros. (Meta right?) David, though, serendipitously breaks into the Fortress of Solitude database. David accidentally releases the Kandorian Kaptor (looks like a ptryerdactal) from Superman’s fortress zoo. Superman catches the dinosaur and returns his to the zoo. Superman seeks Batman out to figure out how someone released the dino from his zoo. While superman is leaving David activated the Betelgeusan Robots. Batman tracks the hacker and shows up at his house. The scene cuts to The Monitor watching Batman bust David. The Monitor in response has Lyla call their “New Account.” The Network is called into action against Batman and Superman by The Monitor as a proving ground for The Networks abilities.

Swamp Thing #32 Jan 1985
Earth One
Note, previous issues in this story arc showed Lyla and the Monitor picking up aberrant readings related to a battle on Earth between Arcane and Swamp Thing.
This issue features POG! These cute creatures (alien?) with there alliterative gibberish that somehow makes perfect sense are exploring Earth and stumble, literally stumble, onto Swamp Thing. Pog and his alien companions tell Swamp Thing in pictures how they were expelled from their home planet. When scaling their hostile home planet they created a space ark,taking one of each species. Tragically, one of Pog’s companions mistakes a LA gator for relatives and is ripped apart. After burying their companion the aliens board their ship and leave Earth feeling as though yet another potential home planet has abandoned them. Swamp Thing sadly watches their departure.

Tales of the legion of super heroes #319

Earth 2?
Story starts in space just beyond Talok VIII in 2984 AD. Mon-el is being forced to relive memories of the Phantom Zone. Watching the Legion is The Monitor.
Lyla asks Monitor if the chaos can be used to their advantage. Their mission is eluded to as finding a certain item for their client.

On Talok VIII, Shadow Lass and her cousin, Shadow Lad, are the captives of Lady Memory and the Persuader. Lady Memory and Shadow Lass fight, with the Legionnaire defeating her foe. The Persuader then makes a move to assassinate Shadow Lad when Mon-El arrives, fully recovered from the memory of fear cast by Lady Memory previously. They save the day and prevent Talok VIII from falling into a civil war. Meanwhile, Brainiac 5 tries to augment Dawnstar’s powers of tracking with his own science so they can find some missing Legionnaires.
It is later revealed that Superboy was responsible for Mon-Els recovery.

Omega Men #22

The Omega Men are a rebellion group from the Vegan star system formed to overthrow the oppressive Citadel. The background of the aliens is a little complicated, so although it is not explained in detail in #22, I am going to take some time to outline it here:

-The Psions accidentally created the goddesss X’Hal
-The Citadel is a race of warriors cloned from the son of X’Hal
-The Omega Men were peacekeepers in the Vegan space due to the fact that the Green Lantern Corps was not allowed in the Vegan star system.

Of importance to this specific issue, it is helpful to know the origins of Nimbus. Nimbus was accidentally created by the Psions when they attempted to separate him from his Branx warrior host.

This issue starts on Dredfahl which is a Vegan planet full of debauchery. Primus reveals that Nimbus requested a meeting on this planet. The other members of the Omega Men that are gathered for the meeting are Tigorr, Felicity, Broot, Shlagen, and Doc.

The story then turns to Nimbus who is drowning his confusion in the bottom of a bottle. He is having an internal struggle because he was able to touch the souls of Tigorr and Felicity in a previous issue without killing them, something he has been unable to do in the past. Nimbus attempts to release a dying alien’s soul only to kill his body and temporarily trap his soul in purgatory. This makes the other aliens that witnessed this angry and they begin to attack Nimbus.

At that moment, the rest of the Omega Men find Nimbus and rescue him from the angry alien mob. However, Nimbus is now in a catatonic state due to his extreme mental anguish.

Primus, Broot, and Doc attempt to enter Nimbus’ soul to rescue him while the other Omega Men stay outside to guard the body.

While the Omega Men try to revive Nimbus, the story cuts to Raggashoon, the house of Mama Madame.
Mama Madame is being apprised of Harpis’ situation. She has regained her wings and Delengis is searching for her on her homeworld of Aello.

The issue ends with the Omega Men still battling Nimbus’ internal demons and a group of attacking aliens on the outside of his body.

Next up:
Sun Devils#7
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Arak Son of Thuinder #40
Atari Force #13
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GI Combat #273
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Immortal Dr. Fate #1
Jemm Son of Saturn #5

Comics set in Earth 1 so far:
Amethyst #1
Blue Devil #8
DC Comics Presents #77
Arion Lord of Atlantis #29
The Fury of Firestorm #31
Batman and the Outsiders #20
Batman #379
The Flash #341
World’s Finest #311
Swamp Thing #32
Comics Set in Earth 2 so far…
Infinity Inc. Vol1 #10
New Teen Titans Vol 2 #4
America vs. Justice League #1
All Star Squadron #41

Not sure what part of the DCU these take place in (any suggestions are appreciated!)
Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #319
Omega Men #22

Sun devils #7

The Sun Devils are a superhero team formed from orphans and misfits who serve as a shadow team to the Centauri Navy.

Members of the group:

Scyla is the cigar smoking Belter. Belters are known for their size and strength.

Three clones

Shikon the Sauroid with a prosthetic arm

Rik sun the Lone survivor of a planet called Wolfholme that was an a Earth colony but was destroyed by the Sauroids.

Annie the cat alien, love interest of Rik Sun.

The team is at a bar in the opening. A group of bar bullies tries to pick a fight with the a sun Devils. Then the scene changes to the Centuri Navy yard where the Starcrusher model is being tested. Prime Speaker Temple asks when a full scale starcrusher can be ready to which Myste replies that additional materials are needed. Myste asks them to retrieve the material from inside a Star.

Meanwhile on the Sauroid home world Karvus Khun, the leader of the planet, is confronting the Crustate fleet leader over their apparent lack of communication between the allied forces.

Khun gets word of the Sun Devils plans to collect the neutronium from an exploded star in the galactic nebula. He plots to attack them.

The sun devils head off to mine the star and the traitor amongst them is discovered by Prime Speaker Temple.

The Sauroids find the Sun Devils and destroy their ship leaving the team floating in their spacesuits. Rik Sun makes a trick shot that reflects the Sauroid lasers exploding the Sauroid ship.

Draken, a Sauroid super soldier has survived the ships explosion and challenges Rik Sun one on one.