Predictions for Shazam Trailer, The Joker, Wonder Woman release schedule?

Shazam on Super Bowl, The Joker in April with Shazam film, Wonder Woman ComicCon.


No trailers for superbowl since wb hasn’t putted a spot there since 2006. Im guessing the shazam trailer might go with the lego movie 2 or by the end of February/ start of march. Joker trailer with godzilla 2 or in comic con. Wonder woman or/and birds of prey will most likely get a tease in comic con. It wouldnt be the first time that in San Diego comic con dc presents a trailer like a year before the movie comes out.

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Warner brothers doesn’t normally do super bowl as spots, unless it’s from a promotion partner. Shazam is a low budget film. I am not expecting a trailer tonight.