Prompt Game: Build a Crisis!

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“Kryptonian Crisis”: The Phantom Zone villains escape—into the Marvel Universe! DC’s Finest must help save Earth 616 from an invasion of Kryptonian psychopaths in the cross-over event of the decade!

Next: “Untold Tales of The Crisis On Infinite Earths”!

“Untold Tales of The Crisis On Infinite Earths”: On Earth 19, Sugar and Spike witness pretty red lights in the sky and ask the friend Bernie the Brain what is going on. Bernie deduces that they are caught in a 12 issue maxi series designed to reshape the current Universe to make it more cohesive and easier to understand. Growing more frustrated with Bernie’s explanation, Sugar leaves with Spike in tow. They meet a weird looking man dressed as a giant green bug with antennae who tells them if they wish to continue to be remembered, they have to promise to stop growing up this very moment and remain as babies forever. Sugar and Spike agree and as soon as they do, they are transformed into paper dolls. The man dressed as a giant green bug scoops them up and places them in a magazine along with other DC characters such as 'Mazing Man, Brother Power The Geek, Binky and his Buddies, and Dodo and The Frog. The man dressed as the green bug turns and looks to the reader and says with a smirk, “Well, that should keep them safe… at least until writers 20 to 30 years from now need to make an obscure reference to them.”

Next: “Super Friends: The Legendary Super Power Crisis Show!”

@mightyDavid2814 I love most of Scott Snyder’s work, and I would hate for Zack Snyder to ruin it.

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Newly released from the WB archives… it’s “Super Friends: The Legendary Super Power Crisis Show”! This never before released 110th episode of the hit series Super Friends follows the Super Friends as they face their toughest foe yet: the 1980’s. The DC multiverse is in peril (as seen in Crisis on Infinite Earths*) and those in charge of it are trimming the fat! Bye bye silly Super Friends! Hello Batman and Superman punching each other! It’s what the people want… or is it? Follow the Super Friends on a totally radical quest through time, space, and parallel worlds as they attempt to save reality and prove that they’re still relevant in the process.

*product sold separately

Next up… “Earth in Infinite Crises”

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“Earth in Infinite Crises”:

Snapper Carr discovers an empty cave in the hidden sanctuary of the Justice League of America. Where are his super-heroic buddies? A glowing green orb relays a message left by Green Lantern, describing the day the Crime Syndicate of America murdered the JLA & JSA! The cavern walls implode with devastating force, as Super a Woman & Power Ring lead the final siege on the surviving member. A helpless Snapper cowers under the flashing glare of Ultra Man’s heat vision, as…

…Black Canary flees the myriad lightning strikes of Thunderbolt, now under the control of the nefarious Earth One Johnny Thunder! Lightning scores the skies as…

…Wally West makes his final race against the Anti-Monitor to finish the deadly relay his Uncle Barry failed to complete, as lethal anti-matter spills from the Anti-Monitor’s multiverse-shattering device…

…Dawnstar & Wildfire hear the cacophonous sounds of battle, as Superboy Prime rips through the Legion of Three Worlds!

Donna Troy, Kid Quantum, & Tommy Tomorrow hurtle through every major Crisis to afflict the earth, as they struggle to escape a “Groundhog Day” that holds the fate of 52 earths in the balance! Will they solve this riddle in time to save all reality?

Next: “Crisis On Infinite Runways!”

Crisis on Infinite Runways

The world has come to a standstill… or at least all of the planes on it have. All aircrafts on earth have completely ceased to move. Airports are surrounded with the terrifying image of planes hovering just a few inches above the ground as they remain frozen in the process of takeoff or landing. Above the oceans of the world lie planes in mid flight. Nobody can contact the people inside them. Superman can’t move or damage the planes. The most powerful psychics can’t sense anyone inside. Martian Manhunter can’t pass through them. Not even ghosts can. Then the people start reappearing in other places. Like they had always been where they were found. And when questioned about it… they can’t remember ever getting on a plane. They can’t even remember what a plane is. And neither can the people who just asked the question. In the moment that the planes stopped, a disease entered the universe. A disease that feeds on concepts. Now the heroes must find a way to stop it… before the very concept of existence is consumed!

Next up… “First Crisis”!

I’ve spent far too much time trying to think of an idea. Every time I think I might have one a bit of research reveals it has been done

First Crisis

Long before the Pact which brought the worlds of New Genesis and Apokalips to an uneasy peace, long before sun-gods from Kansas and wondrous warriors ruled the sky, Darkseid was. The Anti-Life Equation was the only thing he cared for, and any person or creature who stood in his way was dead from the moment they had made their decision. New Genesis’ armies had grown thin. Millions of soldiers had been killed, all in service of Darkseid’s villainous quest. On earth, a Kryptonian researcher had crash landed in Egypt. They helped him, and cared for him, and when he learned of his new abilities due to the planet’s yellow sun, he helped them conquer their opponents, and build monuments to their power. They named him Ra. A lone Greek soldier on a life raft drifted in the sea, aimlessly, until it came upon an island. Against the will of her mother, she and the soldier began a friendship. Eventually, their trust was absolute, and the soldier invited her to return with him to Greece, and fight alongside him. She agreed, and upon her return she was hailed as Pallas, reincarnation of Athena. A young child’s parents were murdered late at night. They were the king and queen of England. The young prince was the only witness. Determined to avenge their deaths, he became king by day, and soldier by evening. His subjects called him the Dark Knight, defender of his country. Highfather Orion, father to Izaya, crash lands on earth. He finds these three champions, this Trinity, and enlists them in the war against Apokalips. But before they can depart to New Genesis, the forces of Darkseid find them. They fight, the world in the balance, valiantly, and eventually, they succeed due to Ra’s sacrifice, but the war is not yet over. A young Izaya comes to earth to survey the damage, and swears that after seeing this destruction, he will do anything to end this war.

Up next: “Crisis of Long Lines at Starbucks”

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“Crisis of Long Lines at Starbucks!”

Just a one-shot adaptation of the Robot Chicken sketch where Lena Luthor works at a Starbucks in the Legion of Doom headquarters, forcing her to interact with ALL the villains, and showcasing what “day-to-day, nine-to-five” villainy looks like.

Up next: “Crisis”.
That’s it, no other signifiers or adjectives. Just “Crisis”.