Raven and Starfire are getting costumes on Titans

We don’t know for sure if that’s from the last episode


Right @tx85. I’m just guessing that it the last or towards the last episode of the first season. I could be totally wrong. I’m in a group on FB and the admin who created the group said they were from the final episode of the season. He knows several people who work on the show and his information is pretty reliable. I got this poster from that same admin. It is signed by Christopher Cordell, who is one of the stuntmen on the show. I’ve also been told that we will see Nightwing this season. I’m putting the link for the group below in case anyone wants to join. It’s an awesome group!



Ah okay cool. Hmm, didn’t expect Nightwing until S2 or at most in the last scene of the last s1 episode