Raven: Daughter of Darkness Issue 11 - Printing Error

I was finally reading Raven: Daughter of Darkness issue 11 today and on page 10 I was magically transported to a DC Universe and Masters of the Universe crossover.

This continued for nine pages.

Is this some wacky new promotion from DC to increase sales? If you want the missing pages to the comic you’re reading you need to buy a different book?

Only joking, I realize this is simply a printing error.

Did anyone else notice this or am I the only one reading this book and/or am I holding a rare comic?

As anyone else ever encountered some thing similar?

Of the 30,000+ comics I own, this is the first issue like this I recall.

Now that’s interesting! It does sound like a printing error…But I truly have no idea. Haha
I would be very interested to know though! I’ll have to ask around and see what happens.

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On occassion, DC has put previews of new or upcoming comics in the books but never (AFAIK) nine pages worth. That’s a Goof of Goofs most likely.

Ricky: “Now Lucy, keep an eye on the printers while I’m at lunch. Don’t play on your phone.”

Lucy: “Okay, Ricky. I got it.”

Ricky leaves, Lucy steps away to text Ethel and we end up with FUBAR copies of Raven #11.

Ricky sees what has transpired and says: “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

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