Ray Fisher & "Justice League" 2017

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I for one am sick of all the negative DC/WB headlines. And I’m sad to hear of any unprofessional behavior on the set. However, I think Fisher is doing little to help himself get more work. All headlines I see regarding him are about this stuff, I think its time he move on. He’s a great actor I’d like see him in more stuff.


so that cyborg movie they talked about is probably never gonna happen now right?

Maybe a recast.

Actually from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t look like they are relooking to recast Cyborg. Even before this whole thing started, the chances of getting a Cyborg movie were pretty slim considering the amount of movie a mainly CGI character like that would cost to make. And this isn’t like Infinity War where the studio had nearly two dozen highly successful movies to justify that budget

Based on Gadot’s comments, it sounds like Whedon was doing something on set. I think it’s most likely the Fisher didn’t go through the proper channels for reporting something, and got frustrated at Berg and Johns about other issues with rewrites. They probably reprimanded him for causing trouble instead of following procedure, and thought he blowing something up. Thus he figured they were part of things and once the Snyder cut gave him a platform he brought things back up. Whedon did step down from HBO as soon as the investigation ended, so they probably found that Whedon was being unprofessional, but that other grievances were largely Fisher talking to the wrong people to fix things, than leaping to higher management and getting ticked when they just told him he was going about it wrong.
Also, I think they cut an arc the dealt with Cyborg’s race from the film for time sake, and Fisher may have mistakenly recognized being asked to use the booya catchphrase (according to berg) as a slap on the face stereotyping on top of losing the arc he cared about more with Snyder leaving.

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I think it’s more likely that the studio were quick on the spot to fix whatever issue Gal had with Whedon because of a mix of post-MeToo anxiety and not wanting to lose their big-time actress, but with Ray, who’s basically a nobody in comparison, they were far more willing to just sweep under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen initially.