Ray Fisher Returning As Cyborg?

Supposedly. None of the cast backed him up. It was four years ago at this point! The Snyder Cut is coming out, Whedon’s reputation has taken a big hit, so what’s the goal at this point?


It kind of seems like he takes his Snyder support to the extreme.


Also, he supposedly had an issue with saying, Boo-Yah. Cyborg’s trademark. I don’t see it as derogatory or racist…but idk :confused:


There’s no proof of that. You’re just filling in blanks to fit the story you want. Fisher accused them of being “abusive” but never said what it was, verbal or other. He’s been so vague no one can possibly know what Johns did or didn’t do. Also, no one else on the cast has backed up Fishers accusations.

The story involving the making of the infamous “Flash landing in Wonder Woman’s cleavage” moment has already been discussed at length, and other information has been leaked, too.

I’m kind of fascinated by it all. In a “watching a train wreck” sort of way. Dude really took dynamite to his career for no reason.

He’s so vague in all his statements and yet so many people are all in. They literally fill in the blanks on things he never said. He keeps making statements that forces WB to respond and the last round is really funny. WB said he wasn’t cooperating and he just tweets out proof he wasn’t yet thinks it’s a good argument for him. Totally bizarre.

Ok let’s look at that. Do you know anything about actors and intimacy? Like have you watched any interviews or documentaries on it? Actors routinely meet someone and are expected to kiss them within 5 minutes, if the part calls for that. And not just a peck, like kiss the love of your life kiss. Stunt people routinely sacrifice their body for the movie. Minor injuries are common.

So, in view of that. Why would a fully clothed actor landing on a fully clothed actor be such a big deal? Sure it’s a dumb joke. But a big deal, really? It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe something did happen but Fisher is so vague. It still notable that hardly no one supports his stories. None of the main cast.

And that story has nothing to do with Johns.

There’s a huge difference between going into a movie with the knowledge that you’re filming a love scene and going in for reshoots of a film you’ve already supposedly finished just to discover that your character–an icon to little girls in the audience–is about to be reduced to a slab of meat for a joke that feels like it wandered in from Revenge of the Nerds.

It’s about Johns if Johns supported Whedon the whole time.

This is a great example of what I’m talking about. There’s no way to get that from Fisher’s vague statements. That’s all filling in the blanks to get a narrative that makes sense. That’s before considering that rewrites and reshoots are super common in Hollywood. Things change. Actors are typically fairly flexible people.

I mean, Gal Gadot is so offended by the joke she won’t do it and tarnish the image of Wonder Woman yet she can’t be bothered to stand up for a her own stunt double that was verbally abused by a more powerful man and she’s completely content to let Fisher twist in the wind. Does that make sense?

And because I don’t think it can be said enough, no one else on the cast supports this or any other of Fisher’s stories.

I am a Snyder fan, but the bloodthirstiness of some of his fans is crazy! The Snyder Cut is coming out — we won! Celebrate and let the past go!

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He said Geoff made a veiled threat to his career and gloated there was a different Cyborg. That just does not sound like that big of a deal to me.

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That’d be a dick thing to do but not illegal. Abusive? Maybe, but there would have to be a lot of other actionable items. Not just someone being a jerk.

My question is, does that sound like Johns? He’s been in comics for about 20 years and involved in movie/tv stuff for the better part of a decade. When someone’s an asshole, news gets around. He’s generally known as a nice guy and easy to work with.

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That’s a darn good question I’m afraid to ask. Whether Fisher is right or wrong would you as a studio hire someone who criticized you’re business actions and claimed your producers and directors were responsible for terrible behavior on a movie that is hype for the 2021 synder cut. I simply don’t know enough to make a deep conviction on the situation but so far I’m not optimistic for future roles as cyborg.


OK, now I don’t know what to think…

I would not.