Reading the nightly comics and Ambien

I have trouble falling asleep and staying there so my doc prescribed the ambien generic. One of my nightly routines for many years is reading comics in bed. I noticed that when I began the ambien my memory of where I left off the previous night changed. The beauty of digital comics is you pick up where you left off. When the next night of reading began I was like “I don’t remember getting this far…” I then had to flip back to what I did remember. And that was about 8 pages back.

So, the next night I made a point of focusing on each page. Locking it into my mind, the word bubbles, the art on the pages. I remember reaching that point where I was feeling ready to drop off and thought “OK, I remember this. Everything up to this point I remember.” When I continued reading the following night I picked up at that same page. “Hmmmm, I don’t remember this, let me flip back a page.” Once again, I had to go back 8 pages before I remembered anything from the previous night. And I made the conscious effort of trying to remember what I read.

The doc said that one of the side effects of ambien is doing things you won’t remember. At the time I though “yeah, right. How can you do things you don’t remember?” I get it now. I just wonder what else I’m doing that I don’t know about!

Have any of you experienced this? It’s almost like I have to change my reading habits and I’ve spent too many years reading comics before bed to stop now.

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