Reaganfan78's Blog #3: Comic books Library

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, When I first came here I was excited to see a lot of comic books at the DC Library that I had a hard time picking on what to read! They had over a 1000 comic books. Some came and some went. In October I really enjoy reading The Long Halloween and later The Dark Victory. They were here for limited time. The two comics that DC remove that I thought was safe and never going to leave was The Batman Adventures and Superman Adventures. I was hoping that they would add more issues, instead was remove. I admit I wasn’t happy with that, so I looked for a new book to read and I found the Detective comics! DC was adding alot of old Batman comics and I found myself enjoying reading it!
Each week DC is releasing new comics each week, and can’t wait to see what they’ll release next, last Friday of DC Daily, they said by the end of March they’ll have 5 thousands comic books in the Library! Now that makes a great birthday present! :grinning: I hope they will bring back Superman Adventures with all 66 issues. That would be awesome!