Rebirth Kryptonite

Hey, DC Fans. In the current DC Comics: Rebirth continuity, what do you feel like is the biggest problem?
Is there anything that you think is taking away from the stories, or is just making things confusing?
Comment below, and tell us what you think!!

I don’t know I think it’s been pretty good so far. There may have been a few bad judgement calls like what’s been happening to Wally West (kid can’t get a break). As well as the Rick Grayson mistake.

Two problems

Writers who were doing great work were pulled off their title to let more fanous writers take over

Bad plot arcs

Aquaman amnesia
Grayson becoming Ric
Red Hood losing Outlaws
Oracle arc on Batgirl
Bendis New villain who destroyed Krypton
Jon.Kent aging seven years
Lois Lane allowing stay with crazy grandpa .
The infected arc
Wally kiiing a lot of people
Donna Troy as a drunk

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Totally agree with this. I don’t really understand the whole “have famous writers write for characters” thing, I feel like people will read and keep reading a good story more. That being said, B is the business boy of the Moth Family, not me, so maybe there’s something business wise I’m missing

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