[Recommendations] I Love Vertigo, But New to DC Universe: What Should I Read?

Thank you so much for the recommendations! This is a bit of a pet project for me that I’m working on during lunch, so I haven’t had time to include links. I think there’s a few recs that aren’t on our service, unfortunately, and because that’s the resource I’m attempting to build, they will be omitted.

If you notice any errors as I work on this, please feel free to correct me! As I ran out of time I threw some recs into a general “Uncategorized” area until I can revisit and update again. Not the cleanest process, but we’ll get there!


Ah yes, that was a rush copy/paste job from another conversation. Thanks for catching! If you’re like, please feel free to let me know where else things seem “off” or miscategorized. I’m still noodling on the concept of “creator-based” “character-based” “genre-based”.

Thank you so much for all the recs, this is a fun project!


I have been reading lots of Constantine lately so these suggestions are great !


That’s the one I came to say. Xanadu is the only comic I have in my favorites. So that I never forget about it. Been promoting it tirelessly on here since it dropped on this site.


Kings Mister Miracle on here? I’ve wanted to read it badly. I don’t think it’s on site tho. I hope I’m wrong.

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Oh. I see a bunch that aren’t on here from everyone. I thought it was for comics on site, my bad.

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That’s alot of bases to noodle on. Have you thought of a career in the majors?

Mmmm…noodles at a baseball game…would probably be very awkward to eat. I mean, you look down in the bowl then you hear Bob Uecker’s delightful dulcimer saying “Wow! That got him!”, the crowd erupts and you think to yourself “Self, why didn’t I choose a Whitey Whacker (pretzel) instead? It’s named after Whitey Ford, and he liked them, plus they don’t come in a bowl.” Soy sauce flavored soft pretzels in a bowl, tasty? Maybe, and if so…Homer drool

C’est la vie when eating stadium nosh. :ramen: :pretzel: :baseball: :wink:


Personally, there are quite a few of those DC recommendations that I personally would not recommend. Mainly the ones with characters from long running titles that were just sort of forced into rebooted DC continuity rather than when they were previously under Vertigo and a) existed entirely outside of DC or b) in the early transition era, had only very loose connections if any that still allowed them to be very standalone.

That said, if you are a big fan of the ongoing Vertigo Hellblazer series, I would personally avoid the later N52/DCYou/Rebirth eras of Constantine. It’s not the same and you probably won’t get much out of it. Very diluted and with writers that never felt right for the character. The NEW Black Label (aka/ formerly still Vertigo) series by Si Spurrier is actually REALLY great and feels like a return to the real Vertigo Hellblazer, but alas, Black Label and will probably never be on here.

The N52 Animal Man and Swamp thing were actually pretty good in their own way. Different, but still worthy reads. I think they really wore their welcome quickly. By the time the Rotworld crossover came around they both felt a little tired. Might feel better reading everything through in a few sittings though.

Starman, and the Young Animal and Wildstorm titles (Especially Planetary and Sleeper) are all great recommendations! Madame Xanadu, House of Mystery, and Flex Mentallo, all are or technically are Vertigo titles, so I wouldn’t count those as recommendations. :wink: I’d also sort of throw Doom Patrol (1987) from Morrison’s run on in there by default.

I think the Kelley Jones’ couple of Deadman mini-series had a strong Vertigo vibe but were just published under DC. I’m a huge Vertigo fan and wish we had a lot more of it on DC Universe that the minimal amount that DC Universe includes (Or wants to even acknowledge?).


Also, does anyone find it incredibly odd that we have an incredibly robust selection of amazing Wildstorm titles that have nothing to do with DC, but by comparison very little Vertigo? It just seems odd that we can have random Wildstorm books like Red or even the classics like Planetary, Sleeper, and Global Frequency but not the Vertigo Hellblazer ongoing.

Why is the 1988 Animal Man not on here?? That was published by DC. It wasn’t published under Vertigo until the 57th issue.

The Animal Man/ Swamp Thing Rot World event was my FAVORITE part of the New 52!

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I know this post was asking for DC Universe suggestions, but Greg Rucka’s current Lois Lane maxi series featuring Renee Montoya’s Question has a lot of Vertigo vibes imo.

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I would feel remiss if I eliminated Vertigo-originated characters from the list, if there are die-hard fans looking for more of their favorite. I agree that sometimes the “vibe” isn’t there, but hesitate to subjectively decide they don’t belong if their home was in Vertigo.

I will definitely include the Vertigo titles we DO have, because folks coming looking for Vertigo and finding it wanting will get a nice resource of hidden gems right here :slight_smile:

As for the randomly missing stories, all I can really say is we persist in our efforts to get every corner of DC publications, but exceptions remain for a number of reasons.

Heck yeah, Deadman is definitely going on this list!


The long Halloween and dark victory

You have seriously missed Resurrection Man Vol. 1 on this list. One of the most Vertigoesque Non-Vertigo books out there.

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That’s why you’re here, @Db8coach! We’re taking recommendations from the community and you’re just in time to share yours :slight_smile:

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Astro city, sandman mystery theater, transmetropolitan, Camelot 3000, the many and varied elsworlds stories and the invisibles are all faves of mine, and the manhunter one shot from many moons ago that should be a movie or a special event series on some platform deserves attention as well…

Dial H (2012) is worth one’s time.

It’s The New 52’s take on Dial H for Hero, however it tends to have a pseudo-Vertigo edge to it.


I don’t take enough pride in being an american, at least not as much as I think I should. I’ll be sure to look into that.

Maybe we should add the Human Target show. It’s entertaining and a really good show.