Red Robin (2009-) #12

Red Robin (2009-) #12

Yost really nailed the ending. This whole run felt like one long story, and I’m kind of sad I blew through it so quickly. Here’s hoping Fabian Nicieza isn’t too much of a step down.


I liked this more then i had imagined. I miss tim being tim when he first started. Never wanting this to becone his life. If this is what we always got i would have been onboard.

Interesting that Ra’s wants Tim. I mean, he did keep calling him Detective. It was pretty obvious that’s what they were heading toward, but it just feels strange. I love how Barbara saved herself. Cassie showing up was awesome. The alterations to Tim’s suit are nice.

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How cool that they included Manhunter in this issue. I love her after reading her solo series.

A little shakey here and there, but I can’t say I regret reading to this point! A showdown between Ra’s and Tim went as well as I expected lol

Also, Steph being jealous is adorable